No Public Altar, Incense, Or Oblation: Either Resembled Or Verified Is The Time Of Antichrist

     No public Altar, incense, or ob- 
lation: either resembled or verified 
is the time of Antichrist.

 Ah, how are golden times turned
to dross: our plate to pewter?

       To adore thee in spirit and truth
is heinous: to be present at thy Altar
is a grievous penalty.

       To unburden conscience at feet
of a spiritual father: is matter of life.

       At the hour of death itself, ab-
solution is denied: the extremity a-
vaileth not to pardon.

  The holy Unction ordained for
better passage: is not permitted.

 So that without just preparation:
we must enter combat with our
deadly enemy.



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