Hypocrite Joe Biden To Staff: ‘I Will Fire You On The Spot’ For ‘Disrespect’ To Others But Refuses To Fire Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo For Threatening To 'Destroy' A Reporter

Well this was apparently a lie

21 JANUARY 2021



White House is slammed for hypocrisy after Jen Psaki admits deputy press secretary's threats to 'destroy' reporter were 'unacceptable' - but refuses to fire him in line with Biden's 'harassment' policy 

The White House has been accused of hypocrisy after Jen Psaki said a one-week suspension was 'serious punishment' for TJ Ducklo for threatening to 'destroy' a reporter - despite Joe Biden vowing to fire 'on the spot' any aides that 'disrespect' other people. White House Press Secretary Psaki defended her decision to suspend the deputy press secretary for one week without pay during Friday's press briefing insisting it was an 'important step' to show his behavior was 'completely unacceptable'. Ducklo had called Politico reporter Tara Palmeri to say he would 'destroy' her over an article she was planning to write about his romance with Axios journalist Alexi McCammond. As well as the threat, the nature of his comments have also been slammed as sexist as he accused Palmeri of being jealous of McCammond because a past male wanted to 'f***' the Axios reporter instead of her. The incident took place on Inauguration Day but did not come to light until this week. The White House is coming under fire of its handling of the matter, which took place on the very day that the president issued his 'no tolerance' warning to staff. There are also questions over why Ducklo has only been suspended now his behavior has been made public and was not reprimanded at the time. Source


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