Put Down Your Guns For Lent Pick Up A Crucifix! Black Man Joshua Jamal Williams, 27, Enters Gun Store And Shoots At All The Whites.....

Lent started.......

I say the shooter is a black man because:

1. There is no picture of him
2. Media already has interviewed family members
3. Family members make the shooter to be a victim

I wonder if Joshua Jamal Williams, 27, converted to Islam and went there to kill whites?

Typical media

Man, 27, shot dead store clerk, 47, at New Orleans gun outlet when he was asked to unload his pistol - before being killed by armed patrons in gunfight that also left innocent woman dead 

A New Orleans man started the gun battle that left him and two others dead inside a Louisiana gun store on Saturday afternoon, according to police. Joshua Jamal Williams, 27, reportedly walked into Jefferson Gun Outlet – a store and indoor shooting range - in Metairie with his brother yesterday at around 3pm, carrying a pistol with an extended magazine unholstered. When staff approached him to ask him to unload his weapon, Williams fired off a warning shot and then fatally shot 47-year-old store clerk Noah Fischbach, police sources told NOLA.com. Several armed patrons inside the gun outlet then began exchanging gunfire with Williams. Williams and a woman were fatally hit during the melee. The suspect died in the parking lot as he was attempting to flee the scene, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said. The woman, who has not yet been named, meanwhile, was shot dead near the store’s glass front door, which was shattered. Two others were also injured the hail of gunfire, one of whom was Williams’ brother. His brother and the other victim were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Speaking to NOLA.com, a relative of Williams’ questioned the police’s account of what happened in the moments before the shooting. The relative, who wished to remain anonymous, said they doubted Williams, who had, according to them, gone to the gun store for target practice while spending time with his brother, would show up looking for a gun fight. They said the Jefferson Gun Outlet is a well-known hangout for off-duty law enforcement and ex-military personnel. ‘That would be a death sentence,’ the relative said. A woman who identified herself as Williams’ mother similarly wrote to Facebook: ‘My son did not go into that gun range shooting!’, according to NOLA. ‘Joshua ... was fired at by ... employees of the gun range and other folks in the gun range! He was murdered! (Rest in peace) my love, you will be forever in my heart!’ Source


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