Muslim Terror Attack On Palm Sunday: Suicide Bomber Wounds Several In Blast Outside The Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral In The Indonesian City Of Makassar


Makassar explosion: Worshippers wounded in Indonesian church bombing 

An explosion outside a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Makassar has wounded at least 10 worshippers. Police said one or two suicide bombers had targeted people leaving a service for Palm Sunday, the first day of Easter. There were body parts at the scene, police told media, but they had yet to be identified. Militant Islamists have attacked churches in the past but no group has yet said it was behind the bombing. A priest at the church, Father Wilhemus Tulak, told Metro TV that security guards had tackled one suspected bomber. The attacker, he said, arrived by motorbike and tried to get into the church. The priest added that some of the victims suffered serious injuries.The blast happened by the church's side entrance. Footage from security cameras showed fire, smoke and debris being blown into the middle of the road. Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto said that if the explosion had happened at the main entrance, it could have led to far more casualties. Gomar Gultom, head of the Indonesian Council of Churches, said the attack on people celebrating Palm Sunday was "cruel". He urged people to stay calm and trust the authorities. Source 


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