Thelma And Louise Of Rad Traddyland... Jewish Converts Ann & Vanessa About To Drive Off A Cliff....Ann At The Wheel And Vanessa Along For The Ride


Ann has a new traveling companion.

A Jewish one.

Chicago's Gold Coast.

Ann claims to have worked in Chicago at one time. Ann also claims that she is from Kansas....

Funny, Ann can't seem to shake that Chicago Gold Coast Jewish accent. Same goes for her laugh. I know a few Jewish woman from Chicago's Gold Coast and Ann sounds just like one of them - laugh and all.

So I doubt she left off a Kansas accent and picked up the Gold Coast accent. No. Ann had the Gold Coast accent all long. She was born and raised with that accent.

Ann is Jewish or was. She converted to the Catholic Faith and hid her Jewish background, especially in the beginning when she decided to infiltrate the Latin Mass community.

Ann Barnhardt is pulling a Gary (Michael) Voirs.

What's that?

Well Voris is a Sodomite who hid his sodomy from everyone. Voris built up a following in the Latin Mass community for several years, and failed to tell anyone he is/was a Sodomite.

Voris then freaked out and had to come clean. Voris thought he was going be outed by someone and that he feared he would lose his fan base if it was made public that Gary was a fag.

After Voris came out his demented followers still followed him and claimed that he was a courageous man for coming out.

Ann Barnhardt is doing the same thing here. Ann knew that if she came out as a Jewish convert to the Catholic in the beginning she wouldn't be able to gain a following in the Latin Mass Community.

Ever notice that in her podcasts she is always mocking Traditionalists who believe that the  Jews are a real  threat to the One True  Faith? Ann mocks those Catholic who know that the Jews are the enemies of Jesus Christ Crucified. Were not the Jews the Enemies of Christ? Has anything change over these last two thousand years? Are the Jews still not the enemies to Jesus Christ Crucified and His Bride?

So why mock those who know the Jews are an enemy to Jesus and His Church?

Ann does this constantly.


Are the Jews no longer a threat to the One True Faith?

Should those who attend Latin Mass embraced Judaism as a friend to Jesus Christ Crucified? 

Or are Jews still a threat?

Ann mocks those who think Jews are a threat to the Latin Mass and the Catholic way of life.

Why does Ann pursue this course? 

Maybe because Ann is Jewish herself and wants to protect her Jewishness from attacks of her followers. So what better way to do this than to convince her demented followers that the Jews are not to be feared and that only crazy Catholics would consider the Jews a threat to the peace of the Church.

Remember the Actual Antichrist will be born and raise as a Jew. 

Why would Ann side with the Jews?

Well the Actual Antichrist will gain a Kingdom by fraud and deceit. What does this mean? At the end of days after the reign of the Great Monarch all kingdoms will be Roman Catholic. In order for a Jew to gain one of these Catholic Kingdoms - he has to convert to the Catholic Faith. And this is what it means that the Actual Antichrist will gain a Kingdom by fraud and deceit - the Antichrist will be a false convert to the Roman Catholic Faith in order to gain a Catholic Kingdom. The Catholic people will probably elect the Antichrist to be their King. The Antichrist will blind those Catholics with his words and works into voting for him to be King. ( Ann is pushing for Catholics to embrace the elected Monarchy form of Government as best way to restore all things in Christ - more on this later especially in regards to the forerunner to the Antichrist and his election as Roman Emperor by Rad Trads at Bannon's lair) 

Once the Antichrist gains this Kingdom he will revert back to the Jewish faith and start his persecution of the Catholic Church.

So this is why Ann hides her Jewish background - because she is a false convert and will probably revert back to her Jewish faith soon enough.

And if Ann is not Jewish?

You can tell that Ann is in the camp of the Antichrist by belittling the dangers of the Jews against the Catholic Church. And this is why those Catholics at the end of days will elect a false convert to be their King.....

Didn't see that coming...did you......


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