A Pious Reflection On The Latin Mass, Which The Faithful May Use To Derive Spiritual Fruit

Saint Teresa D'Avila

A Pious Reflection on the Latin Mass, which the Faithful May Use to Derive Spiritual Fruit


1 Enters the Sanctuary……Enters the Garden of Olives
2 Begins prayers at the foot of the Altar……Begins prayer in the Garden
3 Says the Confiteor……Falls down in agony, sweats blood
4 Goes to the Epistle side of the Altar……Is bound as a prisoner & led to Annas
5 Reads the Introit……Is falsely accused by Annas & blasphemed
6 Goes to the middle of the Altar, recites Kyrie Eleison……Is brought to Caiphas, is denied 3x by Peter
7 Turns to the people and says “Dominus Vobiscum“……Looks at Peter and converts him
8 Goes to the Roman Missal and reads the Collect and Epistle……Is brought to Pilate
9 Goes to the middle of the Altar, then to the Gospel side……Is taken to Herod and mocked
10 Returns to the middle of the Altar……Is led back to Pilate


11 Unveils the Chalice……Is stripped of His garments
12 Offers the bread and wine……Is scourged at the Pillar
13 Covers the Chalice with the pall……Is crowned with thorns
14 Washes his hands at the Epistle side of the Altar……Is declared innocent by Pilate
15 Turns to the people and says “Orate Fratres”…..Is shown to the people by Pilate who says “Ecce Homo”
16 Prays in a low voice the Secret prayer……Is mocked and spat upon
17 Recites the Preface and Sanctus – bell is rung……Christ is condemned; Barabbas is freed


18 Makes the Commemoration of the Living……Carries the Cross to Calvary
19 Blesses the bread and wine with the sign of the cross 5x……Is nailed to the Cross


20 Consecrates the Host, adores and elevates It……Christ is raised on the Cross
21 Consecrates the Wine and elevates the Chalice……Blood of Christ flows from His wounds
22 Prays in a low voice……Hangs on the Cross; sees His Mother kneeling
23 Says aloud, “Nobis quote peccatoribus“……Prays for all mankind
24 Recites aloud the Pater Noster (Our Father)…..Speaks the Seven Last Words on the Cross
25 Fraction of the Sacred Host……Dies on the Cross
26 Drops a particle of the Host into the Chalice……Christ’s Soul descends into Limbo
27 Recites the Agnus Dei (“Lamb of God”)……Christ is acknowledged to be the Son of God by those standing beneath the Cross


28 Receives the Body and Blood of Christ……Christ’s Body is laid in the sepulcher
29 Cleans the Chalice……Christ’s Body is anointed in the sepulcher
30 Prepares the Chalice on the Altar again……Rises from the dead
31 Turns to the people and says, “Dominus vobiscum“……Appears to His Mother and Disciples
32 Reads Communion and Post Communion prayers…..Teaches for forty days
33 Turns to the people and says the last “Dominus vobiscum“……Bids farewell to His Disciples
34 Says the “Ite Missa est“……Commissions the Apostles to preach the Gospel to all nations; ascends into heaven
35 Gives the blessing to the people……Sends down the Holy Ghost at Pentecost
36 Reads the Last Gospel…..Is preached and worshiped throughout the world as the Son of God made Man

Ann Barnhardt is NOT the creator of this devotion. (she does not give a source for this devotion) 

This devotion is easy to remember and helps give order to the Mass. This is a good devotion to practice and use especially when you forget your missal or your other devotion books used during Mass.  Another helpful practice during the High Mass is to meditate during the Gradual using a meditation book of your choosing (on the passion or on the gospel or on the blessed sacrament). I know not many do this - but you will find it beneficial. When the gradual is sung it could be for 5 minutes or so and that is five minutes of meditation or reflection. Remember St Teresa of Ávila said that meditation is like a dove taking water: Look down read the matter at hand then look up and reflect and repeat - like a dove taking water - look down, take water, look up....

I have been using this way of reflection or meditation on the passion of Christ during the Latin Mass for well over twenty years. I don't remember where I first found this. I think it is from a book on the Propers of the Season or Epistles for Sunday Mass. I also think I first read this devotion from some English Recusant (Jesuit) but am not certain. When I find the source I will attribute that original source and not Ann Barnhardt. I will post this on every Thursday along with the other Thursday devotions. Thanks to Ann for posting this so that I can copy and paste and so that you can use.


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