Assassination DOOM For Big Pharma CEO's? Ranga Aravapalli CEO VGYAAN Pharmaceuticals Assassinated For $10,000

I wondered how long it will be before Big Pharma is targeted.

Of course the media claims that this Pharma CEO was targeted because he won big at a casino. 

If you know where a target will be then you follow the target to that public place and then follow him or her home. Less witnesses. 

  • Police said that Jekai Reid-John, 27, followed him for 50 miles to his home after he spotted him winning $10,000 at Parx Casino just outside of Philadelphia 
  • When Aravapallin arrived home Reid-John broke through a back sliding door and shot and killed him while his daughter and wife were asleep upstairs

I'm sure that's in all the Assassination movies.

Pharma executive is murdered by robber who followed him home after watching him win $10k at casino and then shot him dead as his wife and kids slept upstairs 

A New Jersey pharmacy executive was murdered in his home after a robber who witnessed him win $10,000 at a Philadelphia casino trailed him 50 miles to his home to rob him. Sree Aravapalli, 54, was shot multiple times inside his Plainsboro, New Jersey home in the early hours of Tuesday during an attempted robbery after he was spotted winning $10,000 at Parx Casino just outside of Philadelphia and cashing in the windfall. Police say 27-year-old Jekai Reid-John, who did not know Aravapalli, then followed him for 50 miles to his residence in a quiet, upper class New Jersey suburb in the dead of night. When the pharmaceutical executive arrived home shortly after 3 am, the 27-year-old was close behind and broke in through a back sliding door. Aravapalli was still downstairs when Reid-John shot and killed him while his daughter and wife were asleep upstairs, police said. Source

Take the money and run and get paid for the job later.......

How long will it be before Daily Mail publishes a new story on how this was a paid hit?

Will keep you posted when the next big Pharma CEO/Executive is targeted....



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