So The St Gallen Mafia Has More Power Than A Church Council And Is Able To Disposed A POPE? What!

I call bullshit.

FSSP Rad Trads have been questioning whether or not a Church Council can depose a Pope.

But a small group of Homosexual Cardinals have the power?

Who needs a Council then?

Who needs a Church Council to depose a Pope when you have a small group of Homosexuals that CAN depose a Pope.

Hey FSSP numbnuts why don't you petition the small group of homosexuals who make up the St Gallen Mafia and have them depose Pope Francis as well?


And hell who needs a conclave of Cardinals to elect the next Pope?

Just invite the powerful Homosexuals of the St Gallen Mafia to elect the next Pontiff!

Who needs the Holy Ghost?

Oh and hey FSSP numbnuts if the Homosexuals of the St Gallen Mafia is so powerful then why not just have them run the Church!

Who needs a Pope?


What a bunch of BS..

Just another example why Women should shut the Hell up!


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