Tuesday MEDITATION Of the Miseries of this life. 1633 (ANON.)

ROMANINO, Girolamo 
Madonna and Child 


Of the Miseries of this life.

1. Consider the frailty of mans nature, subject to so many dangers, as no glass is half so brittle, and therefore in the holy Scripture, is compared to bubbles in the water, to flowers, to grass & c. As for the soul so many snares, and ginns are laid by the world, flesh, and the Devil, to ruin it, as St. Antonie seeing then in a vision, cried out: O Lord who shall be able to avoid all these nets.

2. Consider in respect of temporal things in what a misery it is, that scarce any one is contented with his own estate, seem he to others never so prosperous: for that in this life we be like unto sick men, who tumble and toss in their beds, first to one side, then to another, not considering the cause of their discontent to be their inward infirmity.

3. Consider, that for so much as this life is so uncertain, and so fraught with miseries, there is no greater madness in the world then to set our heart and affections thereupon, with such diligence to cast for the things thereof, and so little, or not at all to labor for those which concern our salvation.


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