Friday Meditation Of Hell (ANON. 1633)

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints (detail) 

1. Consider that in that horrible pit, and in the midst of those infernal flames there is no member or sense of body, which hath not his peculiar torment, according to the greatness and multitude of the sins committed.

2. Consider that extreme and irreparable damage, in being deprived forever of the comfortable presence and sight of the Blessed Trinity: which punishment and misery for the greatness thereof is properly teamed damnation.

3. Consider amongst what mates and companions these torments are to be endured, namely the Devil and his Angels, together with such dammed Spirits of men and women, as from the beginning of the world, thought their own fault, have ended their days in mortal sin.

4. Consider the durableness of these punishments, which is not for a day, a month, or a year, but for eternity Oh Eternity, Eternity! those whom thy consideration doth not move to forsake a wicked life, either have not faith, or well may seem to want understanding.


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