Meditation On The Epiphany: Of The Coming Of The Three Kings Of The East, To Adore The Child: And Of Their Entrance Into Jerusalem

Adoration of the Magi 


Of the coming of the three kings of the East, to adore the child: and of their entrance into Jerusalem. 


1. First, is to be considered the apparition of the star in the East: when it appeared: for what end: and what effect it wrought in those three kings, or sages. First, I will ponder how the eternal Father, desiring that his Son newly born in Bethlehem should be known, and adored, not only of some Jews, but also of some Gentiles, having sent an Angel to declare the news of this birth to the Shepherds, the same day he created in the East a most beautiful and bright shining Star, to be a sign that the Messias, and king of Israel was born, of whom Balaam had prophesied, desiring that they also should come to acknowledge, and to adore him, seeing he was born for the good of all in general. 


I give thee thanks (O sovereign Father) for the care thou hast, that thy Son should be known, and adored by the Gentiles, swell for his glory, and honor, as also for the profit of those that are to know, and to adore him. O that all did know, and adore him, that all might participate the fruit of his coming, Amen.

2. Secondly, I will ponder how that there many in the east that saw this Star, that admired at the beauty of it, and that understood what it signified: but there were none that moved, but only the three kings, who resolved to go to seek out this king, whose Star they had seen: the rest would not stir, for they were loath to leave their house, their wealth, their wives, and their friends, and to depart out of their own country to undertake such a long, and laborious journey, into a strange land, and to an uncertain place: and the flesh and the devil augmented all these difficulties, to hinder them from this journey: that being fulfilled in them which is written: The sluggard saith. A Lion, and a Lioness are in the way, I shall be killed in the midst of the street, to avoid this danger, I will not go from home. But these wretches flying from the Lion, encountered with the Bear, and flying from temporal death, fell into eternal: for it is to be believed that this was the cause of their eternal condemnation, they remaining in the darkness of their infidelity. And this I am to apply to myself, pondering how often the Star of divine inspiration appeareth within my soul soliciting me to seek Christ, and to embrace his poverty, humility, and virtues: and albeit I understand what this Star meant, yet I will not move, nor stir a foot to seek him, because I will not loose my commodities, nor abandon those things that I love, & because I will not suffer a little affliction, faining difficulties where there are none at all: and so flying the frost, which is the afflictions of the earth; the snow will fall upon me, which is the chastisement of heaven, our Lord God leaving me frozen, and abandoned: and the Star which appeared for my salvation, shall be a witness against me to my condemnation.

3. Thirdly, I will ponder the great favor of almighty God to these three kings, in inspiring them so effectually, and illuminating them with such an interior light, to undertake this resolution of leaving their own countries, and houses, to come to seek after Christ, letting others alone in their blindness, and misery. And by this shall I know the efficacy of Gods divine inspiration, and will humbly beseech our Lord to prevent me therewith, and to say to me, as he said to Abraham. Go forth of thy country, and out of thy kindred, and out of the fathers house, and come into a load which I will show thee. But if almighty God hath already done me this favor, that with with the light of another Star, he hath effectually called me out of the world to seek him in religion, leaving others in the midst of those turmoils, and traffics, I am to give him many thanks, and am humbly to beseech him, that he will please to send often into my soul such like Stars, and illuminations, that they met move me to abandon all, that hindreth me from loving him, and to follow him with perfection.

4. Lastly, I will ponder how herein was fulfilled the verity of that dreadful sentence, that many are called, but few are chosen: for among so many men of the east, three only were chosen for this enterprise, the holy Trinity selecting them for the first fruits of the elected among the Gentiles.


O blessed Trinity, make me of the number of these three, that following thy divine vocation, I may confess, adore, and glorify thee, world without end, Amen.

~ Luis de la Puente


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