So If FSSP Bugged Eyed Mike 'Night Sweats' Parrott Is Wrong About The Mystic Monk Coffee Monks Of Wyoming Carmel Then He Is Wrong About FSSP Fr James Jackson....

Mike Parrott defends the Sodomite Monks At Wyoming Carmel only because Christine Niles does a hit piece on the Monks. 


Mike Parrott is too busy popping out babies to have a spiritual life so Mike does not understand the dangers that can destroy the spiritual life - intense forced labor etc..

Mike Parrott is making it all up that those who attack him are without issue. In his mind its fertile verses infertile. In his mind if you have babies then you don't need a spiritual life.

I always thought FSSP Fr James Jackson is guilty of child porn.

And I have  problem with the crew at Restoring the Faith.

Why defend FSSP Fr James Jackson?

FSSP Steve Cunningham left the RTF probably due to the  Fr James Jackson trial.

As for FSSP Ryan Grant? I can easily picture him wearing a goats head playing the part of Satan at a Witches Sabbath.

Again there is a problem with the FSSP. There is a problem with RTF.

Thing is - is that we will never know the guilt or innocence of FSSP Fr James Jackson because FSSP Fr James Jackson will probably kill himself.


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