On Monday, Remember the Mildness Of Christ 1596 (ANON.)

BELLINI, Giovanni
Madonna and Child 
c. 1455

Mildness Of Christ

First call diligently to mind the mildness wherein that innocent child so soon as he was born, shewed himself to the world, although it was most spiteful against him.

Pray to that same child, that he will vouchsafe to give thee perfect innocency and mildness of heart.

Secondly debate with thy self, with what mildness and modesty he was conversant among his Apostles, albeit they were unskillful and simple men, showing both in hiss words and also in his example all kinds of mildness. and how benignity he answered the wicked and captious demands of the Jews. For this cause learn thou also most modestly and mildly to live among all men giving no sign of discourtesy either in word or deed, notwithstanding they withstand thee both in word and deed.

Thirdly remember how benignly he kissed the traitor Judas, and how gently he offered himself to be taken of his enemies, offered each part of his body to be tied.

In like manner show thou thyself courteous and friendly to all those that either despise or deride thee: have they done never so great injury unto thee.

Fourthly think with thy self how gently he used himself, at what time he stood thus bound before wicked Annas, & how mildly he answered them they sought occasion entrap him, & when they gave him sore blows on the cheek. Therefore sustain thou after a mild manner, if any man give thee rough answers at any time, although thou think in thy own mind thou hast both done & said well.

Fifthly, think upon the wonderful kind of mildness that we showed in Caiphas his house, when he suffered all those secret pains & scourging, (as when that most sweet countenance of his, the which the very angels desired to behold) was covered with a cloth after such a shameful fashion, & when they beat him both with fists, & stroke him with their open hands, & most filthily spited on him, with many other torments, which no man ever knew of.

Even so learn thou to take all griefs after a gentle sort, whether they be grievous to thy mind, or otherwise. Also if any (after some secret mean) have done thee much spite, thou must take it with a constant and merry heart, & that especially for the love thou bearest to thy loving saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord.

When thou hast ended the meditation, say this prayer following

Lord Jesus Christ, the worthy pattern of all virtues, who at all times sheweth singular gentleness to all kind of men, as well at that time when thou camest into the world, which was most contrary to thee, as all the rest of thy life beside, wherein thou livest most mildly among thy disciples, (who then were but unskillful of thy doings) & among the cursed Jews (who ever sought occasion to ensnare thee, as also at that time of thy passion, when thou in most mild manner kissed the traitor Judas, and shewedst thyself in the like manner to the Jews also, albeit they bound thee very hard, beat thee, spit on thy face, & did thee much injury: I beseech thee most humbly to give me perfect mildness, that with a quiet mind I may do what I have to do. that I use my self modestly to all men, howsoever they deal with me, who livest and raignest God with the father & the holy ghost, world without end. 1596 anon.


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