Meditation Of The Virgin Marie's Assumption. Day XXVI.

GHERARDUCCI, Don Silvestro dei 
Assumption of the Virgin 
c. 1365

Of The Virgin Marie's Assumption. 


That holy Bishop (a) St. Juuenalis doth tell us, how the Apostles remained at the sepulcher of the Virgin Marie for three days , hearing continually 2 most sweet harmony of holy hymns. After three days were passed, it seemed to the Apostles for consolation of St.. Thomas (who was not present at her death) to open the sepulcher, and to show him the sacred body. And when they had discovered the place, they found not the body, but they did feel a most sweet favor, and found only the linen in which the body was wrapped in which they did kiss for devotion. And that the blessed Virgin was raised up the third day, and in soul and body assumed into heaven, many holy fathers do tell us. (b) St. Damascenus doth write, that the virgin as the daughter of the old Adam, was subject to the old law of death; but in as much as she was the mother of the living God, she was from the sepulcher conjoined to him. (c) Andreas Bishop of Candia doth say in this sort. She that brought forth the author of life, being raised up again, find her self now there where is present the perpetual fountain of life. Michael Glycas doth report, that the Virgin Marie died according to the laws of nature, but by grace She was raised again, as her son. Metaphrastes also doth avouche, that the most blessed body of the Virgin, was by God translated into the divine and celestial tabernacles. 

(a) Nicepho, lib. 2. hiſ (b) Ora- tio de Aſſumpt. (c) In encomio de dormit viig. (d) Part. 3. annal. & ad Alip. (c) Serm. de vit. & dormit. virg. Caniſ lib. s. 1 ca.4.5.&.6. 

Points for Meditation.
1 Contemplate in what manner the blessed body of the Virgin Marie laid in the sepulcher, was not only void of corruption, but also did cast from itself a most sweet favor. 

2 Contemplate how God ordained, that the third day the soul of the blessed Virgin Marie, should descend from heaven to earth, to be reunited to the body her faithful companion, of which There caused no small joy and contentment. 

3. Contemplate how that glorious soul came from heaven accompanied with squadrons of Angels, and so was reunited to the body: in so much that the virgin being raised the third day, went into heaven with great triumph, 


1. If thou desire that thy body give a sweet favour to God after thou art dead: endeavor to keep it chaste while thou art alive. 

2 If thou procure that thy body be a dwelling place for God here one earth, he will honor and exalt it in heaven. 

3. If thou will mount (up to heaven triumphant as our Lady did, be humble here on earth and suffer not thy self to be overcome of thy passions. 


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