Seventeenth Winter Explosion: Another UK House Gas Explosion In Hull

Residents of entire street spend night in a church after Goole house explosion

A devastating gas explosion on a Goole street saw terrified neighbours evacuated to a church, where they were forced to spend the night. Among the row of terraced houses in Marlborough Avenue, neighbours were startled by a bang shortly after 1am on Sunday, January 22. Originally thinking there had been a car crash outside, residents peered through their windows to see a mid-terrace house collapsed and consumed by flames and debris. Those that spotted the disaster, quickly rushed outside to help a man escape the house through the front ground floor window and call emergency services. Within minutes, firefighters and police officers arrived and tackled the blaze, which caused considerable damage. Charles Shooter, who lives a few doors down from the house in question, explained: "I heard a bang outside at just after 1am and thought there must have been a car crash. I then saw smoke and flames everywhere, with debris falling onto the street. "I told my wife to get up and dressed because it only took 30 seconds for the whole house to go up in flames, and I suspected it would spread to other properties. Thank goodness it wasn't a windy night because the whole street would have gone up in flames." Thankfully, nobody was hurt but homes have been destroyed and are now deemed uninhabitable. Charles continued: "We waited for almost three hours on the street in freezing cold weather. "The whole street was then taken to stay in the local church overnight, and I only made it back into my house between 4 and 5pm yesterday. The fire and police were absolutely brilliant at keeping us informed- they did a fantastic job." Source


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