Christ Carrying the Cross 
c. 1491


Fourthly on Wednesday, we ought to call to memory, and to meditate, how our Lord and Savior Jesus, was led forth of the City of Hierusalem, accompanied with two notorious Thieves, towards, the mount of Calvary, bearing upon his shoulders a heavy, and weighty Cross, of fifteen foot long which put him to marvelous pain and travail, and caused a very great and grievous wound, in his sacred shoulder: in so much that the blood ran abundantly down the middle of his back: and so was he led, pulled and pushed forward, very rudely, & forcibly, with great shame, weariness, and pain, unto the mount of Calvary to be crucified. 

In figure hereof, Abraham took the wood of the sacrifice, and laid it upon the shoulders of Isaac his son, to offer him up to God. And our Savior being come to the end of his way, upon this hill of Calvary, there was presented unto him (to refresh and comfort him) most biter gaul and vinegar, as the Prophet foretold saying. In my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink. 

The devout soul, to conform himself to this article, ought to go forth of the estate of all sins and vices, by an earnest detestation of them, and utterly abandoning this wicked , unhappy, and wretched world: and with hearty contrition and repentance for his sins, in bitterness of soul, and great compassion, Ought he to go along with his Lord God, and with the dolorous Virgin Marie, and help him carry his Cross, and to gather up the drops of his precious blood, which ran from his sacred shoulders and from his whole body, sorely bruised and wounded, thorough the great travail, and pain which he sustained, in this hard and opprobrious voyage, in so much that he fell on the earth under the Cross, thorough great weakness, debility, and faintness, being in a manner half dead. Wherefore that we may be partakers, of the merits of the ſame blessed passion of our Savior Jesus Christ, let us say devoutly this prayer following. 


I salute the most precious blood of my redeemer Jesus, the which he shed forth going towards the mount of Calvary, to receive that most cruel and shameful death for my sins, bearing that heavy Cross upon his blessed shoulders, so pitifully torn, bruised, and wounded: which Cross was so great, and weighty, that the Son of God fell to the ground under it. 

O my soul go thou by the side of thy sweet lover and Lord, and behold how for the love of thee, he is over charged with this ponderous Cross, having laid all thy sins upon his shoulders, to carry them to the mount of Calvary, to fasten and nail them to his holy cross, an to reconcile thee in his blood, to his heavenly Father. 

Behold, o my soul, how thy Savior Jesus, by the burden of his cross, and great feebleness, by the debility of his body, so far spent, and over wearied, is not able to go any further, but with exceeding pain and dolor. Have then pity and compassion on him, in all his pains, agonies and calamities, and assist him to bear and support his cross, by bearing thy own cross of penance, and of all tribulation, and adversity, voluntarily, and patiently, for the love of him, saying. 

O most sweet JESUS, who would bear thy Cross in great dolor and pain, with so many improperations, illusions, and derision of thine enemies; humbly I beseech thee, that by the same sufferance, dolor, and travail, which thou sustained in bearing of thy heavy Cross, to give me grace in this present life, gladly to bear my cross of penance,and of all sufferance, that I may be never separated from thee, but willingly and meekly in all patience to follow thee to the death and with thee to die upon the cross: fulfilling thy holy counsel saying. If any man will come after me, let him take up his cross daily and follow me And again, he that doth nor bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. 

O dear Jesu, I beseech thee, by the drink & bitter liquor, which in great malice was given to thee on the mount of Calvary, for comfort and refreshing after thy labor and hard travail; that thou would pardon all my offences, which I have committed by the sin of Gluttony. For well know it to be thy will, not only by thy own holy example, but also by the doctrine of thy blessed Apostle which admonish us, that we walk honestly and virtuously, not in gormandizing and Wantonness. And in another place he saith: I chastise my body and bring it into servitude. Which I alas, have evenly observed, exceeding in drinking, & eating, such exquisite and delicate dishes; in multitude, and variety of viandes, and delectable liqueurs: in violating, and breaking the fasting days commanded, and days of abstinence. 

Wherefore give me,good Lord, the virtue of temperance, sobriety, and Christian abstinence, both in my eating and drinking, and always to have a holy mean, and meaſure, both in the quantity, and quality, whereby I may hold in subjection, my body, and sensuality, to the spirit and reason: and to be more vigilant in prayer, meditation, and contemplation, of spiritual, divine, and heavenly things, and other virtuous and profitable endeavors: and to be so much more diligent and fervent, devoutly and reverently to accomplish thy divine service, to love, honor, and laud thee for ever more

Amen. Pater Noster. Ave Maria, Credo. FINIS. 

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