TIZIANO Vecellio 
The Scourging of Christ 
c. 1560


Secondly on Monday, we must consider and contemplate, how four Sargents, void of all pity, despoiled our Sauiour Jesus. And how these four murderers, cruel as Lions, bound him straightly, and villainous  to the Pillar, and as four greedy wolves, hungry, and thirsting for the blood of this innocent lamb, most inhumanly stripped him, beat him, scourged, him, wounded him and tore his tender and virginal flesh, with thorny rods, scorpions and whips of iron, in such sort that there was no whole part in all his body, wherefore rightly might he say: They have stricken me and wounded me, so that from the sole of my foot, to the crown of my head, there was no whole place in me. 

And then the devout soul, ought with tears & sobs to say. He hath nether form nor beauty left him, for blood which pour down on every side and his body altogether disfigured: we have seen him as having no sight, and his face all bespittled and defiled: we have esteemed him as a Leaper, smitten of God and humbled: but he it is who is wounded for our iniquities, and pierced for our sins. The figure hereof was the good Job who was strokes full of ulcers and soars from the sole of the foot to the top of his head. And in this manner was our bleſſed Saviour in his flagellation. Which the good Christian considering, he may make his prayer saying. 


I Salute the most worthy, and precious blood, which ran in great abundance out of the noble body of my redeemer and Sauiour Jesus, being most hardily bound to the Pillar, and most cruelly beaten, and scourged, in such lamentable wise, that all his sacred body was full of wounds, and no part remained entire, from the sole of his foot, to the crown of his head. 

O most patient Jesus, I beſeech thee, that by the virtue of thy most holy blood, poured out in such great abundance, and soiled, and fowled under the feet of those felons, tyrants and murderers, and by thy unspeakable meekness, and patience, vouchſafe to pardon me all my sins, and enormities, which I have committed thorough ire, malice, rancor, impatience, perjury, blasphemy, injury, contumely, reproach, opprobrium, indignation, and desire of vengeance, by the which I have full often heinously offended thy divine majesty. And most heartily I beseech thee, o my Saviour, to give unto me, the virtue of sweetness, benignity, man servitude, meekness, supportation, toleration, and perfect patience: to the end that I may be ever hereafter, more amiable, peaceable, sweet, affable, benign, and gentle to all perſons, as thy bleſſed Apostle S. Paul counsel, saying Brethren see one anothers burdens, and so you shall fulfill the love of Christ. And that so I may be a faithful observer of the law of my sweet Lord Jesus Christ. 

O most benign Savior, and redeemer, I adore, laud, and give thee thanks, for the great shame which thou suffered, being naked before all the world, and for that thou wouldst be mocked, for the shame of my sins: give me grace, I beseech thee, clearly, and entirely, to declare all my sins in Confession, and not to appear before thee at the hour of my death, naked of virtues, merits and good works. And I render thee hearty thanks, for all the dolor's, which thou suffered in thy hard flagellation, and for all thy drops of blood which thou haſt shed for the satisfaction of my sins: beseeching thy goodness, from the bottom of my hart, by the merits of thy bitter scourging, of all thy wounds, and effusions of thy precious blood, at the hour of my death , to deliver me from all sin and pains, that being all pure and clean, purged and washed from all spots of sin, I may depart out of this present life, into everlasting glory, there to laud, and glorify thee forever. 

I beseech thee also, sweet Jesu, that to conform me to thy dolorous passion, I may for the love of thee, tolerate, and beare patiently, and in humility of hart, with out murmuring, or contradiction, all injury, derision, confusion, villainy, detraction, persecution, and generally all adversity and tribulation, and thy Fatherly correction, such as thou shalt please to send me; and always for the same, without end to laud thee, and to render thee perpetual thanks and praises. 

Amen. Pater Noster. Ave Maria, Credo. FINIS. 

Seven Effusions Of Our Saviors Blood: 
Agony In The Garden 
Clothed With Purple Mantle Crowning With Thorns 
Carrying Of The Cross
Nailing To The Cross 
Lance Was Thrust Into His Side


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