Imminent Disintegration Of Russia

Imminent disintegration of Russia


Entering the pointless and cruel war against Ukraine, Putin's regime routinely approaches the point of no return when he as a politic and living being, but also Russia as a state, head towards the eclipse. It is no wonder: the history knows many examples of huge empires which ceased to exist during historically short periods of time. Vladimir Putin likes to talk about the so-called historical justice; but he constantly forgets to mention that the historically justified territory of so-called Russia is at most a small chunk of land called Moscowia; all the rest being temporary occupied territories, as shown on the cover image.

This essey analyses the historic parallels in the Russian past that provides clues to the understanding that Russia gallops into its final days which are now counted. It is a huge free of charge personal work based on many open sources and structured logical deduction. Unlike the majority of my posts, it is almost free of proof links; it is up to the reader to find the truth.

Due to the high volume of material this essey is split into 3 parts together forming the Russian Disassembly Trilogy:

Part 1 (here): Putin is leading Russia to its collapse, describing the reasons and factors leading to the collapse of the nowadays Russian Empire.
Part 2 (this): Imminent disintegration of Russia, outlining the details about each breakout state emerging from the Russian Empire.
Part 3 (TBD): Life after Russia, analysing the changes in the global balance of power during and after the imminent disintegration of Russian Empire.
Over some time I promise to do several concise extracts from this essey for those lazy souls who have no time to read it in full at once.


In the following TL;DR paragraphs each phase of the russian disassembly will be discussed in more details. This short extract just summarizes the final result.

When the process of the Russian disassembly finishes, what is left off the once the biggest empire on the globe will be just a small part of its past glory. Yet, it will remain one of the biggest countries in the world by land area. Russia will lose almost all its colonies esat of the Volga river and south of the Don river shrinking to the size slightly bigger than its XV century predecessor the Moscowian Tsardom.

New top 20 of biggest world countries by size

This table shows how will the list of top 20 biggest states in the world look like after the disassembly of the Russian Federation, capturing the state name and capital, along with their land area in square kilometers, total population, and population density in people per square kilometer. New states emerging from the Russian Federation are marked with an asterisk. All numbers are rounded to two digits.

Basic stats of new states emerging from Russia

This table shows all new states emerging from the disassembly of the Russian Federation, along with their capital city, land area in square kilometers, total state population, as well as the dominant ethnicity and religion (blank if no ethnicity or religion has more than 51% of total population).


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