Two Volcanoes Explode As Pope Francis Goes On Vacation! Etna And Stromboli, The Two Sicilian Giants Explode!

Pope Francis to take usual July pause from activities 

Pope Francis will take his usual break in July from his weekly General Audiences and most activities, with the exception of the Sunday Angelus prayer in St. Peter's Square. Pope Francis will take his usual July break from most of his activities, according to the Prefecture of the Papal Household in a statement released on Friday. As he has for years, the Holy Father will suspend General Audiences, as well as most activities and other meetings, during July to allow for a period of rest. However, as he has always done in the past, the Pope will continue to pray the Angelus on Sunday at noon with the faithful in St. Peter’s Square. The Pope's General Audiences will resume on Wednesday, August 7. The General Audiences in August are often held in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall due to the intense Roman heat. The following month, the Holy Father is scheduled to make two Apostolic Journeys, the first being to Asia and Oceania, on September 2-13, and the next being later in the month, to Belgium and Luxembourg, on September 26-29. Source




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