Christina Aguilera & Heidi Klum Both Honored On Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner

Christina Aguilera & Heidi Klum
Both honored to be on Dante’s
‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner

Christina Aguilera & Heidi Klum:  'Isn’t out of place for a Roman Catholic blog to use such bad language in such a way as to demean those who practice their civic duty of voting?'

dxv515:  'No, not at all, the wording used in Dante’s corner is taken from the 700 year old sacred Poem of Dante Alighieri, and as Pope Benedict XV has said: ‘we find in it a treasure of Catholic teaching; not only, that is, essence of Christian philosophy and theology, but the compendium of the divine laws which should govern the constitution and administration of States; for Dante Alighieri was not a man to maintain, for the purpose of giving greater glory to country or pleasure to ruler, that the State may neglect justice and right which he knew well to be the main foundation of civil nations.’….. Well the modern state has neglected justice and will continue to do so as long as the myth of the necessity of voting is kept alive by modern states. Modern men help to perpetuate godless democracy by casting ballots every election year. Nothing changes it only gets worse. So hey I’m allowed to use such language, after all it’s from a poem….it’s poetry…..with pictures….' again as Pope Benedict XV has said: 'Dante has the singular merit that while he fascinates the reader with wonderful variety of pictures, with marvellously lifelike colouring, with supreme expression and thought, he draws him also to the love of Christian knowledge, and all know how he said openly that he composed his poem to bring to all "vital nourishment."

Christina Aguilera & Heidi Klum: 'Why is Paris placed first on the list?'

dxv515: 'Seems appropriate. Paris is the appropriate model. You ladies will have to outwit Paris on this one if you want to be number one. See what happens next election cycle'

The above interview may or may not have happened…..


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