Dante is alienated by all men

Dante is alienated by all men by Evelyn Paul

'And so, my ladies, even if I tried, I could not
tell you what I have become; my bitter life is
constant suffering, a life so much abased that every
man who sees my deathly face seems to be telling
me: "I cast you out!" But what I have become my
lady knows; I still have hope that she will show me
Vita Nuova xxxi

The Prophecy of Brunetto Latini is found in the Inferno Canto xv and foretells the opposition that Dante and his ideas are to encounter from those stiffed-neck Florentines who have always rebelled against Roman Rule. The stiffed-neck Florentines represent all future generations of men who would oppose the Roman Imperial ideal and work of Dante Alighieri. These modern men will follow in the footsteps of the stiffed-necked Florentines. The Florentines would rather set up a divisive and rebellious Republic rather than to be governed by the Universal Authority of the Roman Emperor:

‘And note that the Florentines are always in schism, and in factions and in divisions among themselves, which is not to be marvelled at. One cause is by reason of the city being rebuilt, as was told in the chapter concerning its re-building, under the lordship and influence of the planet of Mars, which always inspires wars and divisions. The other cause is more certain and natural, that the Florentines are to-day descended from two peoples so diverse in manners, and who ever of old had been enemies, as the Roman people and the people of Fiesole; and this we can see by true experience, and by the divers changes and parties and factions which after the said two peoples had been united into one, came to pass in Florence from time to time,’ Croniche Fiorentine of Giovanni Villani. BK IV.§ 7.

As a denizen of Hell Brunetto Latini is made to acknowledge the Divine help that Dante Alighieri has received in all of his works on the idea of Roman Imperial Authority. Only a citizen of hell proper, a city that is devoid of Imperial Authority, a city that refuses to be ruled by Imperial Authority and would rather be ruled by man made authority, has the ability of seeing the bad fruit that such a corrupt society is capable of producing: schisms, and in factions and in divisions among themselves. Present day corrupted society is devoid of the Imperial Vision of Dante and has produced bad laws and bad customs. But many men continue in their stiffed-neck ways by attending to the ballot box always believing that somehow the next political candidate after the next political candidate will somehow correct the bad laws and the bad customs, not realizing of course that the modern day democratic form of government is a direct rejection of Divine Will. This political rejection of the Divine Authority will always produce bad men who make the bad laws creating schisms, factions and divisions among themselves.

"He who takes note of this has listened well." Virgil

The Prophecy of Brunetto Latini:

"If you pursue your star,
you cannot fail to reach a splendid harbor,
if in fair life, I judged you properly;
and if I had not died too soon for this,
on seeing Heaven was so kind to you,
I should have helped sustain you in your work.
But that malicious, that ungrateful people
come down, in ancient times, from Fiesole-
still keeping something of the rock and mountain-
for your good deeds, will be your enemy:
and there is cause-among the sour sorbs,
the sweet fig is not meant to bear its fruit.
The world has long since called them blind, a people
presumptuous, avaricious, envious;
be sure to cleanse yourself of their foul ways.
Your fortune holds in store such honor for you,
one party and the other will be hungry
for you-but keep the grass far from the goat.
For let the beasts of Fiesole find forage
among themselves, and leave the plant alone-
if still, among their dung, it rises up-
in which there lives again the sacred seed
of those few Romans who remained in Florence
when such a nest of wickedness was built."
Inferno canto XV


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