Distributism : Going green acres and morphing into an ethno-nationalistic political movement?

Ethnonationalism: 'The term ethnonationalism refers to a particular strain of nationalism that is marked by the desire of an ethnic community to have absolute authority over its own political, economic, and social affairs. Therefore, it denotes the pursuit of statehood on the part of an ethnic nation. Ethnonationalist movements signify the perception among members of a particular ethnic group that the group's interests are not being served under the present political arrangements.'

Or as Dr Michael Savage puts it:
1. Language
2. Borders
3. Culture

From The Distributist Review: 'communities require certain things. They require a material base by way of access to productive property which they can own or share; they require training and education; they require relatively free markets; they require a culture of liberty in which they can grow; they require a certain set of shared values if they are to share a common cultural space;'

The Distributist Ethno-Nationalistic political movement here in America is in its infancy stage. Apparently these nationalists have good organizational skills, but are not up to the level of those Ethno-Nationalist found in Europe. These American distributists so far fit the profile of an Ethno-Nationalist movement but this is a wait and see what develops.


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