The Political Strategy Of Dante Alighieri And The Department Of Homeland Security

'I will draw them with the cords of Adam, with the bands of love: and I will be to them as one that taketh off the yoke on their jaws: and I put his meat to him that he might eat.' Osee 11:4

'Around my waist I had a cord as girdle,
and with it once I thought I should be able
to catch the leopard with the painted hide.
And after I had loosened it completely,
just as my guide commanded me to do,
I handed it to him, knotted and coiled.
At this, he wheeled around upon his right
and cast it, at some distance from the edge,
straight down into the depth of the ravine.
"And surely something strange must here reply,"
I said within myself, "to this strange sign-
the sign my master follows with his eye."
Ah, how much care men ought to exercise
with those whose penetrating intellect
can see our thoughts-not just our outer act!
He said to me: "Now there will soon emerge
what I await and what your thought has conjured:
it soon must be discovered to your sight.
"Faced with that truth which seems a lie, a man
should always close his lips as long as he can-
to tell it shames him, even though he's blameless;
but here I can't be still; and by the lines
of this my Comedy, reader, I swear-
and may my verse find favor for long years-
that through the dense and darkened air I saw
a figure swimming, rising up, enough
to bring amazement to the firmest heart,
like one returning from the waves where he
went down to loose an anchor snagged upon
a reef or something else hid in the sea,
who stretches upward and draws in his feet.
Inferno xvi

Dante Alighieri will use his sacred poem to draw men's attention to his Ideal. To the Ideal form of government: The Roman Imperial authority. I might add that Divine Providence will have a hand in this as well. So without armies, without weapons without wealth and power the Roman Imperial Ideal will have to confront its enemies. How is this done? Simple just as Dante is seen throwing his cord into the pit of hell to call up a means of conveyence - Geryon: the beast of hell, so it is today with the help of the US federal government and its documnet on Right-Wing Extremism. Right Wing Extremism or Ethno Nationalism is just one enemy to the Imperial Authority of the Roman Emperor. So let the US Federal governemnt do the leg work keep watch and make the arrests. In order for the Imperial Election to take place in the coming years, Ethno-Nationalism has to be crushed.However the political strategy of Right-Wing Extremists is to use Nationalism as a means of conveyence, the apt depiction of such a political stategy is found here:

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  1. Boss,

    Found this reference to ethnonationalism that I thought you would appreciate:
    "Ethnonationalism had torn Czechoslovakia apart as it had the parent Hapsburg Empire." at this site:

    Endure and Conquer!


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