European Fascist Movements are Led by Homosexuals According to Gay Journalist

Lot Fleeing with his Daughters from Sodom and Gomorrah

European Fascist Movements are Led by Homosexuals According to Gay Journalist

Not Surprising. The Ethno-Nationalist/Fascist movement in Europe and in America is political perversion, so it would make sense that those who engage in political perversions are morally perverted as well. Now which is manifested first in the person, the moral perversion, or the political perversion, I do not know. But they do coincide. The Ethno-Nationalist movement of Language, Borders, & Culture has no basis in Roman Catholic Morality, on the contrary it opposes Roman Catholic Faith and Morals. Moral perversity of the Ethno-Nationalists is one of the reasons why the Ethno-Nationalist movement has to be suppressed by the Birtish and American Governments. Maybe these perverted men will manifest their moral perversion more openly so as to be protected by the British and American governments. After all these homo Ethno-Nationalist/Fascist types can claim discrimination if oppressed for their homo political movement of Language, Borders & Culture. Is there really any philosophical difference between Ethno-Nationalism and homosexuality? Both would rather be alone with their own kind.

For those obstinate Roman Catholic Ethno-Nationalists out there, particularly those who adhere to the perverted economic philosophy of Eric Gill’s distributism - remember that the Roman Catholic Faith is an universal Faith that transcends all borders, cultures and languages. The Roman Catholic Faith can not be confined by borders, language, or culture. If you mention to me that by culture Dr Savage and his Ethno-Nationalist/Fascist ilk, mean, old world European culture, I will say to you that true old world European culture has the Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor as its governing and guiding authority. not some mixed bag of Ethno-Nationalist/Fascist homo political parties. So please true old world European culture does not belong to the likes of you Ethno-Nationalist/Fascists.

'Think tribal: act national' Lee Barnes British National Party

‘Language, Borders, & Culture’ Dr. Michael Savage


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