The Doctrine of Translatio Imperii

The Entry of Emperor Rudolf of Habsburg into Basle
Franz Pforr

Current article on the Papal Doctrine of Translatio Imperii by Hugh O’Reilly


  1. I hope quite sincerely that the "Hugh O'Reilly" quoted as the author of the article is the 17th-century Archbishop of Armagh of that name - I can hardly imagine even a pro-Vatican modern academic writing such a totally self-serving re-interpretation (i.e. fabrication) of history.

    A quite fascinating historical document, but not very informative on the actual theory of "translatio imperii", which had far-reaching consequences in Medieval law and ultimately helped undermine the authority of the Papacy.

  2. The funniest thing about the appearance of this article was the timing, it was posted on June 19, 2009 on the Tradition In Action website just 10 days before Pope Benedict’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate. Now of course this article translatio imperii by Hugh O'Reilly is in favor of the pope transferring the Authority of the Roman Emperor from one people to another. Tradition In Action website has no problem with the pope meddling in the affairs of the Roman Emperor. But what is even more funny is the fact, and I expected this, is that the same web site condemns outright Pope Benedict’s urgent call for a true world political authority and claim that the pope is ushering the new world order. So according to this modern day website the popes of old can do what the modern day pope is not allowed to do!


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