The Griffin of the British National Party

'The griffin lifted both its wings between
the middle band of light and the two sets of three
so that it did not cut through any band,'

'We required just one seat - now the Nationalist Revolution begins all across Europe.' Lee Barnes The British National Party

Most unfortunate is the symbol chosen by these Ethno-Nationalists. The Griffin. Granted it is most appropriate considering the leader of the British National Party is Nick Griffin. This symbol of the Griffin belongs however to Roman Imperial Rule. Dante uses the image of the Griffin to represent the two natured office of the Imperial Electors-sacerdotal and royal. The duty of Dante’s griffin is to pull the Chariot to the tree so that the tree renews. The Chariot represents the Imperial office of the Roman Emperor.

'These four marked off a space that held
a two-wheeled chariot of triumph,
drawn along behind a griffin's neck.'

These Imperial Electors (the Griffin) are responsible for making sure that the Imperial Office (the blessed load) always has its occupant.

'Then the ladies went back to their wheels
and the griffin moved its blessèd load,
but so that not a feather on it shook.'

So it is most appropiate that the Ethno-Nationalists have usurped this imagery of the Griffin. Afterall Modern Democracy rules the day!

'Like us or not we are a democratic party' Nick Griffin

'No, you're not. You're the least democratic party in the country, run by megalomaniacs and liars for racists and fools.' Lancaster Unity Blog

Sorry to say Lancaster Unity but yes the British National Party is every bit democratic just as any other party that participated in the June elections. This is what modern democracy gives rise to-factionalism and Ethno-Nationalism. Enjoy!


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