The reason why Dr Michael Savage is banned in Britain

Ethno-Nationalist Ship of Fools
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The Ship of Fools

Recent news events just might wake up Dr Savage from his Ethno-Nationalistic slumber. Time will tell. We have the recent European election in which the British National Party won two seats to the European Parliament & the recent slaying of a Black guard at the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum. What do these events have in common? And what do they have to do with Dr. Michael Savage? Well apparently Doctor Michael Savage does not understand that his political views of language borders and culture are the same views that are held by the British National Party and its American Cousin the American Friends of the British National Party. Both of these political organizations support and promote the philosophy of Ethno-Nationalism, which is simply Language, Borders & Culture. The British National Party back in 2007 put out a pamphlet on Ethno-Nationalism:

What is Ethno-Nationalism?

Ethnonationalism: 'The term Ethno-nationalism refers to a particular strain of nationalism that is marked by the desire of an ethnic community to have absolute authority over its own political, economic, and social affairs. Therefore, it denotes the pursuit of statehood on the part of an ethnic nation. Ethno-nationalist movements signify the perception among members of a particular ethnic group that the group's interests are not being served under the present political arrangements.'

Or simply defined as Language, Borders & Culture. This is what Dr Michael Savage promotes on his talk show. These three words are what got him banned from the U.K. But Dr Savage is too set in his ways to admit this. The political philosophy of Dr Savage is the same as the British National party. The only difference is that Dr Savage is a Jew. Yes Apparently Jews embrace Ethno-Nationalism as well. It is not too hard to miss this. Now this brings us to the understanding that both The British National Party and the American Friends of the British National Party are admittedly Ethno-Nationialist. One can see this in the writtings and mission statement of both parties. Here is the American Friends of the British National Party take on Etho-Nationalism:

Q: ANP officials and publications often refer to the organization as a “nationalist” party. What do they mean by this?
A: Although the term may sound new to many Americans, nationalism was the political philosophy under which our country was founded, and it was also the philosophy that saw our nation prosper, becoming the greatest and freest Republic in the history of the world. Our forefathers understood that a real nation is much more than a strip of geography outlined by political boundaries. A nation is defined by the shared cultural character (the ethnic makeup, language, laws and institutions) of its people. A legitimate nation has a strong sense of itself, its history, and how it will progress into the future. Political states founded on ideas, geography or any kind of universal creed alone will not long survive. Identity, prosperity, security and freedom are fundamental to nationalism. A nationalist government would place the interests of its people first by preserving their values and way of life. Its economy would be built on sound money, national self-sufficiency and would guard its industries against mass immigration, ruinous free trade, outsourcing, and globalism. It would maintain a strong military to protect its national interests from potential threats abroad and to secure its borders at home. A nationalist government would uphold civil rights, defend freedom, and protect society from subversive influences with the least amount of government intrusion as possible. The United States will never solve the crises which threaten its survival without the policies and leadership of a nationalist government.
The other news event was the slaying of a Black guard at the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museum by an admitted anti-semite James Von Brunn. Turns out that Mr. Von Brunn hates Jews but has no problem with the political philosophy of the Jewish Dr Michael Savage and his Language, Borders & Culture. Both men espouse the same, slight variations of course the end is the same Ethno-Nationalism. What is interesting is that Mr James Von Brunn has had contact with the American Friends of the British National Party as reported here: James Von Brunn attended meetings of the American Friends of the British National Party. If one has the ability one can read the writtings of James Von Brunn and find a mindset that is determined to promote the political philosophy of Ethno-Nationalism, which is simply Language, Borders & Culture.

'Birds resort unto their like' Ecclesiasticus 27:10

Best advice to Doctor Savage is to drop the Lawsuit before you are called out on your political philosophy of Language, Borders & Culture.

'A horse not broken becometh stubborn, and a child left to himself will become headstrong.' Ecclesiaticus 30:8



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