The conservative movement is enemy to Christ the King

Lady Wisdom Overthrowing Political and Religious Heresy

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

The moral depravity of conservatives is becoming more pronounced. Here are a few examples:
From the perverted mind of the author Tim Worstall:
'Bravo Silvio!' 'The interesting question in Italian politics now is: Will modern day prudery gain the upper hand or will the more robust attitude to the intermingling of sex, power, and money win out?' Mr. Worstall is rooting for the later. So according to the perverts like Mr. Worstall, conservatives should cheer on a fornicating 70 year-old fool.

From the perverted mind of the author Eric Margolis:
'So what did the wicked Berlusconi do? Romping and frolicking with numerous young women and having one hell of a good time. It’s the kind of behavior that infuriates many women, but leaves men filled with envy and admiration.'

I guess the lot of conservatives no longer feel any need to hide their depravity. More conservative articles should appear extolling the perverted vices of ‘powerful’ men. These perverted praise pieces should appear along side articles on defending the integrity of the constitution. The conservatives are a morally depraved lot who will trample on the Ten Commandments written in stone by the finger of God but will call for the defense of the man made U. S. constitution, defending its honor, dignity, purity and integrity. A man made document is more precious to the clouded conservative intellect than the Divine Ten Commandments. Even when these prevented conservatives make an attempt to hide their perverted doctrine they will still cling to the protestant version of the Ten Commandments ignoring the True version approved by Church. Really no difference between religious heretics and political heretics they are birds of the same feather. These men are worthy of contempt. POX on the conservative movement!


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