Dr Savage is still banned! No kidding!

How would you like a swift kick in the pants!

Did not take long!

From world nut daily:

Michael Savage: I'm still bannedRadio talker: London paper's report false, thinks U.S. government behind U.K. action

From the article Dr Savage tells us that:
"It's interesting to me that here I am a talk show host, who does not advocate violence, who advocates patriotic traditional values – borders, language, culture – who is now on a list banned in England,"
Dr Savage what you promote: language, borders, culture is nothing more than nationalism found in Hitler's Germany, Mussolini' Italy and is now found in most right wing neo-nazi political parties. The proper term for language, borders and culture is Ethno-Nationalism.

Ethnonationalism: 'The term Ethno-nationalism refers to a particular strain of nationalism that is marked by the desire of an ethnic community to have absolute authority over its own political, economic, and social affairs. Therefore, it denotes the pursuit of statehood on the part of an ethnic nation. Ethno-nationalist movements signify the perception among members of a particular ethnic group that the group's interests are not being served under the present political arrangements.'

So yes Dr Savage you are a threat to the well being of the United Kingdom by espousing Ethno-Nationalism. Why should Britian remove the ban when you yourself will not renounce Ethno-Nationalism? Everyone on U.K. Home Office banned list has the same political philosophy: borders, language, culture. Everyone on that list wants to be with their own kind, speak the same language and have the same culture. No foreigners need apply. This is why those on the banned list are a danger to the rest of society. I can not think of greater folly than those who complain about what God has created and what men have no control over - their skin colour. However men do have control over their own free will. This is the problem with Ethno-Nationalists they direct their fear/hatred toward what men do not have control over – their skin colour - but do not address the problem of bad will which men do have control over. Complete folly.


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