The folly of Ilana Mercer the constitutionalist purist.

Ms. Ilana Mercer’s recent praise of the Declaration of Independence of Thomas Jefferson & the U.S. constitution leads one to perceive that conservatives believe that these man-made political documents are sacrosanct. This conservative attitude is getting rather tiresome. How many times do conservatives have to bow down before the founding fathers of this nation and their man made political tracts as if these documents bring life and wellbeing to the nation and to the world as a whole. If only politicians would strictly adhere to the U.S. constitution when making laws everything would be ok these conservatives constantly tell us. Anyone who disagrees with the Founding Fathers is immediately called a mocker by these conservatives. I will shine a little light on these sacrosanct documents that conservatives hold so dear with only a few questions and observations directed to the conservatives themselves. How does it benefit the conservative position that the Declaration of Independence is sacrosanct by quoting words of Thomas Jefferson: the Declaration of Independence is "an expression of the American Mind." Really? The American mind? How well developed was the American mind back in 1776? And who is it that formed the American Mind?. The Blessed Trinity? No. The Blessed Trinity is completely ignored by these political heretics. You see Ms. Ilana leaves out any mention of the twisted religious beliefs of Thomas Jefferson. Apparently that’s off limits. Kind of like Governor Sanford’s affair, it should be viewed as a private matter, between him and his wife these morally enlightened conservativeshave said. But you see that’s just it. The Ten Commandments are next to impossible to keep as Ms. Ilana Mercer and most conservatives would say. Ms. Ilana Mercer and her conservative ilk (stinking ) will say ‘Do you really expect any anyone to keep The Ten Commandments?’ No, of course you don’t- wink-wink-nod- nod or how ever else the morally perverse conservatives communicate to each other. Conservatives to a man will never hold that one must obey and keep the Divine Ten Commandments. 'No, it is impossible.' But you must keep the integrity of the man made Declaration of Independence of Thomas Jefferson & the man made U.S. Constitution. Mans law over God's Law is what the conservatives hold oh so dear. The first three Commandments are already rejected by the protestants, they went off and formed their own man-made religion. But conservatives pretend that protestantism serves the same purpose as the One True Faith. It is just a different road these enlighten conservatives will say. So they look the other way when these protestant heretics break every one of the Ten Commandments and refusing to keep the integrity of the God given Law. Conservatives will never complain that protestants reject the Divine Law. No, this is not important nor is it necessary to keep the Ten Commandments according to the conservatives. What is important to the conservatives is that you must keep the integrity of the man-made U.S. Constitution and the man made Declaration of Independence. According to conservatives you can break, violate and change the Ten Commandants but you are not allowed to change the man made political documents of this country. Complete folly. The integrity of modern democracy is more important to conservatives than the integrity of God’s Law. The conservative movement will die soon enough, but for now, one can say to the conservative movement: 'This is your hour and power of darkness'


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