Organization of Islamic Conference Secretary General expresses deep concern over recent incident in Xinjiang Uygur

Approaching Storm
(does it really matter who painted it?.... the Chinese did)

Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)

OIC Secretary General expresses deep concern over recent incident in Xinjiang Uygur July 6 2009

The spokesperson of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), expressed on behalf of the Secretary General of (OIC) his deep concern on the recent incident and use of disproportionate force that caused death of 140 people and more than 800 injured civilian casualties which took place in the Xinjiang Uygur in Autonomous Region of China (also known as East Turkistan). The Secretary General called upon the Government of China to carry out prompt, effective and transparent investigation of the this greave incident and bring those responsible to quick justice and to take all possible measures to prevent its recurrence and to see to it that the victims are adequately compensated. The great number of casualties among civilians indicates that the principle of proportionality of the use of force and fire arms was not observed. According to international basic principle on the use of force and fire arms, law enforcement officials should resort to non-lethal methods in confronting civilian riots. The Islamic world is expecting from China, a major and responsible power in the world arena with historical friendly relations with the Muslim world, to deal with the problem of Muslim Minority in China in broader perspective that tackles the root-causes of the problem. The OIC is ready to extend assistance and to consult with the Chinese Government about efforts to create a climate of peace and stability in the region.


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