Pope Benedict XVI: Universal Authority would need to be universally recognized

Just like a fortress set on a steep slope,
securely seated there, ungirt, a whore,
whose eyes were quick to rove, appeared to me;

and I saw at her side, erect, a giant,
who seemed to serve as her custodian;
and they-again, again-embraced each other.

But when she turned her wandering, wanton eyes
to me, then that ferocious amador
beat her from head to foot; then, swollen with

suspicion, fierce with anger, he untied
the chariot-made-monster, dragging it
into the wood, so that I could not see
either the whore or the strange chariot-beast.
Purgatorio xxxii

How is it possible to accomplish such an endeavor?

Pope Benedict has written that his desired Universal Authority is such an authority that would need to be universally recognized. How is it possible to convince the world to universally accept this new papal political appointment?


The Ballot Box is the univesal means of political salvation for the new world order. Everyone takes part---I mean everyone. This is the means to accomplish the true world political authority requested by Pope Benedict XVI. The first world-wide election by all peoples of every nation will elect the supreme temporal ruler over all. This universal vote can take place it is not unreasonable, just recently the European Parliamentary election took place, in which 375 million people in 27 countries were eligible to vote. The European Parliamentary election will be the example to use in creating the world-wide election in which billions of citizens will be able to vote for the Universal Ruler. The candidate need not be a faithful Roman Catholic but it will help if Barack Obama makes the attempt. No need to enrage the muslims so it is better that the candidate remain non-catholic, this makes for the best candidate. So Barack Obama is the front runner. Barack Obama is the most appealing candidate for Universal Ruler. Everyone likes to vote! Here is your chance to vote for Obama as your supreme ruler. Of course a papal blessing will be needed to top it all off. Almost as if the Pope is crowning the Holy Roman Emperor. But since this political authority must need be non-catholic it will remain secular. The universal political authority is to be secular because this is best for the Church men and for the conservatives nut cases who always are looking out for the best interests of the papacy. No need for the Holy Roman Emperor, it is too religious of an entity which will interfer with papal matters and of course it may upset the conservatives nut jobs who think they defend the honor of the Pope by bashing the Divine Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. The Holy Roman Emperor is elected by the seven Imperial Electors-three sacradotal-four royal. These Imperial Electors are considered by many WISE men to be the proclaimers of Divine Providence. If the Holy Roman Emperor is elected by the seven Imperial Electors then it is clear The Blessed Trinity has spoken. Any man who is elevated to this highest authority who is not elected by the Imperial Electors is therefore not chosen by Divine Providence, instead is chosen by will of men. But since this universal political authority called for by Pope Benedict will be secular in nature and will not depend on the seven Imperial Electors and therefore will not depend on The Blessed Trinity because all men will then vote for the best candidate. The seven Imperial Electors will not be allowed to vote. Therefore the Blessed Trinity will not be allowed by men to have any say in this universal election. Most conservative nut jobs will happily go along with the vote, of course their candidate of choice will not be Obama, because you see the conservatives nut jobs take the moral high road. No Obama for the conservatives, they instead will chose some rich perverted WASP for their candidate--typical and tiresome.

(President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI enter the Pope's study at the Vatican, Friday, July 10, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

(President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI meet in the Pope's study at the Vatican, Friday, July 10, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

(President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are escorted by Swiss Guards and Vatican ushers at the Vatican, Friday, July 10, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Thanks Dante!


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