Italian fascist Roberto Fiore addresses the British National Party at their annual gathering in Derbyshire

Recent news articles from Times-on-line (read here) and Lancaster Unity (read here) on the activities of the Ethno-Nationalist Roberto Fiore of the Italian Forza Nuova and his appearance made this Sunday at the annual gathering of the British National Party in Derbyshire. Many traditionalists may object to the BNP but some confused souls still promote the activities of the Italian Forza Nuova because its leader Roberto Fiore attends the Traditional Latin Mass. The spiritual father of the Forza Nuova is Father Tam who is an ex-SSPX priest. Many traditionalists have fallen for the nationalist rhetoric of this group. Simply put if a political organization is opposed to the new world order then it must be ok even it leans toward fascism according to these confused souls. This is the great political error of many traditionalists. They reject universal authority but will embrace nationalism in all its ugly forms.


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