Not the Holy Roman Empire

This is what is in store for those traditionalists that refuse to help the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI implement his paragraph 67 calling for a true world political authority. The political inaction of the majority of traditionalist who cling to Modern Democracy complain that the Universal Authority called for by Pope Benedict is nothing but new world order. Many of these traditionalist are influenced by the Politcal heresy of Factionalism, Nationalism or Ethno-Nationalism. Many of these factionalists types will hinder the restoration of all things in Christ due to their obstinacy in promoting Modern Democracy, Distributism & Ethno-Nationalism. Many of these types would rather dream of implementing the political and economic errors of Chesterton, Belloc, Gill & the rest of the rable by trying their best to spread the false ideas of Distributism & Ethno-Nationalism. The Second Person of The Blessed Trinty was governed by Universal Authority but these political heretics refuse to be governed by Universal Authority. These types do not follow Christ because they are not of Christ.


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