Dangerous Ethno-Nationalist Umberto Bossi And The Lega Nord

Umberto Bossi

Not surprising that the Lega Nord is using the soon to be released film about Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick II for political propaganda purposes. This past spring trailers of this film appeared on many of the Lega Nord’s blog sites highlighting the meeting of Frederick the second and Alberto da Giussano (who is a “warrior” who led his fellow Italians against The Holy Roman Emperor.) Alberto da Giussano is a good representation for those who reject universal authority and cling to factionalism and nationalism at all costs. The Lega Nord is the political movement most likely to tear Italy apart with calls for independence and secession from Rome.

Horrible thing to believe but many traditionalists here in America who may not know anything about this perverted political movement yet tend to lean in their direction by rejecting the idea of universal authority and would rather promote nationalism. The nationalistic mentality is gaining ground in Italy with political movements like Lega Nord & Forza Nuova and in England with the British National Party. Interesting to note that both Italian nationalistic Lega Nord and Forza Nuova have spiritual direction from ex-SSPX priests. The Forza Nuova is guided by Fr. Giulio Maria Tam who was asked to leave SSPX in 2000 & Lega Nord was at one guided by Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz who was asked to leave the SSPX this year. Now both of these priests were asked to leave the Society because of disciplinary reasons, not political. Regardless both priests who helped to bring about the ethno-nationalistic views in Italy are no longer SSPX priests.

This is a good thing. Maybe the Priestly Society is moving away from such perverted nationalistic political views and moving toward political views that are more acceptable to Pope Benedict XVI and his urgent call for a True World Political Authority. This true world political authority if it is to be truly Roman Catholic is then to be Truly Universal which of course is to be in truth nothing short of the Restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

Now enter the two parties who will war against each other: those who side with the factionalists and nationalists of the Lega Nord & Forza Nuova and those who side with Rome and Pope Benedict XVI and his urgent call for a True World Political Authority.

Pay attention!


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