Distributism Always Subject To Political Rebellion

Distributists Are Murmuring And Fighting Peasants

Of sinne, a certaine holy man used this Parable: the divell tooke Iniquity, or Sinne to his wife, & by her had nine Daughters.

His first daughter was Pryde, & this he married unto Kinges, and princes, and great persons of the world, because it doth reigne commonly in these kind of persons.

The second was Simony, and this he marryed to the Clergy, or Ecclesisticall persons, because it is proper to them.

The third was Hypocrisy, this he married to religious persons, because it is most in most incident to them.

The fourth was Rapine, or open & violent taking away of mens goodes, and thishe married unto Souldiers and military men, because it is most proper to them.

The fifth was Usury, and this he marryed to Merchants, because it is most proper to them.

The sixt was Lying, and this he marryed to mechanicall men, because it is most proper to them, as men that scarce have learned to speake truth.

The seventh was Slouth and Idleness, and this he marryed to the Nobility and Gentry, who thinke themselves exempted from that penal Law, Thou shalt eate thy bread in the sweat of thy browes.

The eight was Murmuration, and this he marryed to Husbandmen, & the common vulgar people, because it is most proper to them, as men that are murmuring, & repining at the Nobility and Gentry, and especially at their Governors, and Commanders.

The ninth was leachery which he would marry to none in particular, but leave her a common concubine to all sortes and states of people, and is so potent and prevalent with them, that there are few with whom, in one sorte or other, she doth not prevaile.
Fr. Thomas Hill 1637

There is nothing new under the sun; As the above parable from Father Hill has said farmers or husbandmen have always been known for murmuring against their superiors and for their political rebellion. It is the same political rebellious philosophy that is found today in the modern distributist movement. Most of the distributists will tell you of their contempt they have for modern democracy but will continue to vote for a third party candidate offering no other alternative to modern democracy. These distributists will continue to vote in every election after election complaining and murmuring all the way at all the elected officials. It is ok if a man desires to become a pig farmer – leave him alone- let him raise pigs. But if these types organize a political movement then that is a different story. And that is just what distributists actually desire – a political movement made up of murmuring pig farmers. Again nothing new under the sun I guess some men even though they may have been raised in the suburbs are still natural born pig farmers or husbandmen at heart, it is in their nature you might say. Distributism is a dangerous political movement for several reasons. First and foremost because this political pig farming movement is only a theory, it is not found in practice, no one in history has every organized a political movement based on the principals of pig farming. Distributism is not an economic philosophy that any nation state has implemented or imposed on their subjects. Men who have embraced the idea of Distributism have done so as a theory and are looking for some way of imposing this theory on the rest of society. First the theory then the practice as these men would have it. This is ass backwards. For instance the Office of Papacy was created and put into practice with all its power and authority well before any theory of papal power ever came into play It is natural for practice to precede theory. Another example is the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor, this Imperial office was created well before the theory of Imperial Authority ever came into play. The distributists would have you embrace a theory without looking at the actual model. This is the main reason why distributism will never gain any ground you might say.


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