The Men At Christian Order Are Leading The Way In One Day Making War On The Fatima Pope

The Wind Bag at Christian Order will no doubt side with the protestants in the coming war against Pope Benedict and his call for True World Politcal Authority. Here is a sampling of the demented views of this “Roman Catholic”. Please understand that Roman Catholics (especially “Traditionalists”) who for the past 40 years or so have been soaking up all the new world order conspiracy theories and now all their fears are about to be realized. What to do about Pope Benedict and his urgent call for True World Political Authority? Either drop your fears of universal authority and help to re-establish the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor or cling to your fears of the new world order and hinder the restoration of all things in Christ. Really now--do you expect these politically perverted “Catholics” to give up their views on the New World Order and listen to Pope Benedict’s call for the creation of the True World Political Authority? Or do you expect these political perverts to cling to their new world order fears at all costs and make war on the person of the Pope? How else is one going to stop the new world order? Can you start to understand the reasons why the Fatima Pope will one day be killed? The Pope will be killed because these demented “Roman Catholics” prefer their twisted fears on the new World Order over The True Faith. Here are the excerpts from the long-winded article:

New World Order

This is the purposeful, quickening trajectory under Obama: root and branch Socialist corruption of the American socio-political system without which the hallowed New World Order can never reach its tyrannical end. Henry Kissinger is urging Obama to advance towards that goal by way of “creative diplomacy” on the pretext of curbing “chaos” (never mind that much of the “chaos” is actually democratic reaction to an epochal crisis engineered by the despotic elite he personifies!).

Catholic author Michael O’Brien explains that the Kissinger plea “can only mean an imposed top-down global social-political revolution. In other words, solutions would then come from a reigning authority over all nations putting aside individual conscience and principles of national self-determination.”

(Hence: Obama’s Supreme Court appointee Sonia Sotomayor, a fierce advocate of subordinating the U.S. Supreme Court to the opinions of foreign courts; Obama’s Cap-and-Trade carbon tax, which Al Gore recently said will usher in “global governance”; the sovereignty-crushing EU as the continental political template; the UN as the global administrative template; the Obama-Socialist International-EU-UN nexus.)

“In all likelihood,” says O’Brien, “Kissinger and like-minded globalists, see the present world configuration as a creative disintegration which would usher in a new form of world government. In such a situation, management by crisis overrides authentic exercise of human freedom and responsibility.”

(i.e. One big opportunity to persecute Christians in general and Catholics in particular, with a view to eradicating their obstructive moral benchmarks - or “small-mindedness, prejudice, bigotry and worn out dogmas” as Obama puts it.)

And yet, O’Brien concludes, “A true and healthy order in the human community can only arise from an internal revolution of the moral order. It cannot be imposed without imposing greater ills.”

(Thus, with the Christians eliminated as a moral force, the state accrues further power to control the resulting “chaos” in a self-righteous, self-fulfilling globalist circle.)

Monsignor Michel Schooyans, a leading analyst of the New World Order, further warns that “In the case of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, this is also a matter of promoting one and only one religious confession, which a universal, global political power would impose on the entire world ....”

(Indicative of this push is the “naming ceremony” introduced by some British councils in 2000. Promoted as a non-religious “state baptism” and featuring “guide parents” in lieu of godparents, it was the brainchild of Blair’s Home Secretary, Jack Straw.)

Speaking at the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in early May, on the theme “Catholic social teaching and human rights,” Msgr Schooyans went on:

In fact, Tony Blair’s project extends and amplifies the United Religions Initiative, which appeared several years ago. It also extends the Global Ethic Declaration, one of the main proponents of which is Hans Küng [see CO, Dec. 1997 and Jan. 1998]. This plan cannot be realized except at the price of the sacrifice of religious freedom, of the imposition of a “politically correct” interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures, and of the sabotage of the natural foundations of law. Machiavelli had recommended that religion be used for political purposes ...

(...) So now we are back in the time of Hobbes, if not of Cromwell: it is civil power that defines what one must believe. Religion is emptied of its distinctive content, its doctrine; nothing remains but a residue of morality, as defined by the Leviathan. It is not said that one must deny God, but from now on God has nothing to do with the history of men and their rights: it is a return to Deism. God is replaced by the Leviathan. It is up to this to define, if it wishes, a civil religion. It is up to this to interpret, if and how it wishes, the religious texts. The question of the truth of religion no longer has any relevance. Religious texts, in particular the biblical ones, must be understood in their purely “metaphorical” sense; this is what Hobbes recommends (III, XXXVI). At the most, only the Leviathan can interpret the Scriptures. Religious institutions must also be reformed to adapt them to the changes. Some religious figures must be taken hostage and made to approve the new secularized “faith,” that of the “civil partnership.”

What the analysis of Barack Obama’s decisions and Tony Blair’s project reveals is that an alliance is coming between two converging intentions, one aimed at subjugating law and the other at subjugating religion. This is the new version of the two-headed eagle. Law and religion are exploited to “legitimize” anything at all.

This twofold exploitation is deadly for the human community. This is what emerges from the various experiences that have taken place in the context of the nanny state. This, by virtue of wanting to please individuals, has multiplied subjective “rights” of attribution, for example in the areas of divorce, sexuality, the family, population, etc. But by doing this, the nanny state has created countless problems that it is incapable of resolving. With the extension of these “rights” of attribution on a worldwide scale, the problems of instability and marginalization are increased to such an extent that no world government will be able to solve them.

(..... ) Through these channels, and with the support of the Blairs, the president-jurist Obama is preparing to launch a new American messianism, in a totally secularized form. He is supported in this by his faithful colleague, a presumed candidate for the presidency of the European Union. The supreme will of the president of the United States will ratify the law of nations and the law concerning relations among nations. In his footsteps, the “Thirty-Nine Articles” of the new religion will be promulgated by his British colleague.

From the summit of this pyramid, the will of the Prince is destined to circulate through the international channels of the UN to the individual national channels. In perspective, this process, as can be guessed, extinguishes the authority of the national parliaments, abolishes the authority of the executive branch, and ruins the independence of judicial power. These are the reasons why, in Obama’s thinking, an international criminal court should have a larger role, and must be armed in order to coerce the recalcitrants - for example, the Catholics - who reject this view of power and law, of law as a servant of power. How can one not see this blinding truth: that we are witnessing the emergence of an unprecedented form of political-legal terrorism?

Fanning the flames

While still a Cardinal, Pope Benedict, denounced the “new world order” as more or less a culmination of Marxism, stating that a Christian is “obliged to protest” against it. His new encyclical Caritas in Veritate [“Love in Truth”] on social and economic matters can be viewed in that light.

Released just prior to the 8-10 July G8 meeting of world leaders in Italy, the encyclical is the latest of his many constructive protests against the global scheming of these and all the self-servers currently running the world from East to West. As far back as 1985 during a symposium on the Church and economics he had warned that a decline in ethics “can actually cause the laws of the market to collapse.” While last October he reminded them that “money vanishes, it is nothing,” and that “the only solid reality is the word of God.”

In his encyclical, therefore, the Holy Father returns to this theme, effectively calling for an ethical capitalism: “Financiers must rediscover the genuinely ethical foundation of their activity.”

Stating that the current economic crisis is “clear proof” of “pernicious effects of sin” in the economy, he finds at the root of the meltdown three false convictions: that man is self-sufficient, that he can “successfully eliminate the evil present in history by his own action alone” and that the economy must be shielded from any moral influences. The Pope confirms that “Profit is useful if it serves as a means toward an end. [But] once profit becomes the exclusive goal, if it is produced by improper means and without the common good as its ultimate end, it risks destroying wealth and creating poverty.” He writes:

The conviction that the economy must be autonomous, that it must be shielded from ‘influences’ of a moral character, has led man to abuse the economic process in a thoroughly destructive way. In the long term, these convictions have led to economic, social and political systems that trample upon personal and social freedom and are therefore unable to deliver the justice that they promise.

That the same political and financial elites he is addressing are trampling upon the personal and social freedoms of his Christian flock - seeking to shut them out before shutting them up altogether - is hardly lost on the German Pope; he has seen it all before in his youth. But the fact that they will certainly ignore him and go their own godless way cannot absolve the Vicar of Christ from his responsibility of speaking truth to power: part of his “supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples” (as his predecessor taught). In Caritas in Veritate, Benedict does this admirably - up to a problematic point.

In light of the Vatican’s witless assessment and futile courting of Obama, the Holy Father’s call in paragraph 67 for a new supranational body to control financial excesses smacks, at best, of similar wishful thinking.

It is one thing to accept government intervention “in correcting errors and malfunctions” in the economy and to revise national regulatory frameworks in the light of the crisis. It is quite another to proclaim “an urgent need of a true world political authority” whose task would be “to manage the global economy.”

In the first place, considering the catastrophic failure of battalions of financial regulators to spot and blow the whistle on the credit bubble behind the crisis, many experts consider further layers of regulation a destructive knee-jerk reaction. Secondly, any such authority will be run by the same omnipotent network of amoral, filthy rich aliens who caused our present woes.

A devastating analysis in Rolling Stone magazine by Matt Taibbi identifies these as the Goldman Sachs financiers; Machiavellian manipulators of the world economy whose fingerprints have been on almost everything bad that has happened since the financial crisis unfolded. With the help of U.S. taxpayer billions handed over by its former employees - men like like Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Bush’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson - the Goldmanites have rebounded from the financial collapse they precipitated to continue making obscene amounts of money, handing out record bonuses to its staff in July, while re-establishing their power over the American and global elite.

With Goldman alumni heading key government policy-making and private sector posts across the world, including central banks, stock exchanges and the World Bank, Taibbi describes the firm as a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jabbing its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” In which case it will surely wrap its tentacles around a new global regulator and negate any prospect of meaningful reform. Indeed, Goldmanite Mario Draghi, president of Italy’s central bank, is first in line to head such a body.

Perhaps Benedict has adopted the dismissive attitude of Britain’s Chancellor Alistair Darling? Queried by a Conservative MP about his idea of giving European banking regulators power over British companies, Darling replied with a yawn: “We shouldn’t get too hung up on the theology of these things.” Or maybe the Holy Father was impressed with Gordon Brown’s call for a new world order based on the “deep moral sense” shared by all faiths. Quoting scripture to a congregation of 2,000 souls at St Paul’s cathedral on 31 March, he used the word “global” 29 times in his oration, urging people to unite to forge a new “global society.”

When Popes start drifting into economic and political alignment with grossly incompetent neo-Marxist hypocrites like Alistair and the sociopathic Gordon, we need to take stock: to realize that a papal nod and wink to global consolidation - presented as a fait accompli - is a gift to proponents of the New World Order. It only fans the flames of their intrinsically anti-Catholic project, with papal appeals to truth, charity and subsidiarity laughed to scorn in the process of turning the crisis to centralizing advantage.

In May, the elite Bilderberg powerbrokers met to discuss the financial crisis and tailor their one world government designs accordingly. A lengthy BBC Radio report on this typically secretive, high security conference duly noted that the Bilderberg is “far more important [influential in government and business] than the G8.” Indeed. And how their Machiavellian supranational hearts must have leapt when the Pope called for a “world political authority” to be “regulated by law,” “universally recognized” and “vested with the effective power to ensure security for all, regard for justice, and respect for rights.” Kissinger could not have put it better himself. Nor could he improve on Benedict’s insistence that such a sovereignty-crushing monolith “would have to have the authority to ensure compliance with its decisions from all parties, and also with the coordinated measures adopted in various international forums.”

Affiliates of the Socialist International reacted immediately. German Chancellor Angela Merkel who had recently rebuked the Pope over his handling of the Bishop Williamson affair suddenly praised his prophetic vision: “Pope Benedict has encouraged the state leaders to create rules so that this sort of worldwide economic crisis isn’t repeated. I also saw this as an order to work toward a social market economy in the world.” To be directed, of course, by “a UN Economic Council” to mirror the Security Council. In other words, a world economy managed by the same tax-and-spend Socialists who have left socio-economic disasters in their wake for decades!

The old priapic perjurer Bill Clinton is unusual in this regard. He brought down the deficit, cut wasteful government spending and saved taxpayers billions by signing off tough welfare reforms which led to a 65% fall in welfare cases, reducing dependent families from 5 million to fewer than 2 million in just a decade. He is the fiscally conservative “Democratic Socialist” exception who proves the ruinous rule: as confirmed by the out-of-control Barack Obama (already making major buyers of US debt, like China, dangerously nervous about the value of the dollar and the safety of their investment) and amply demonstrated by the history of British Labour.

Playing to their core constituency, which always wants a spending party in good times or bad, most of the six Labour administrations since the party first came to power in 1924 have fallen due to economic weakness. Two of them had to devalue the pound (in 1949 and 1967) while Chancellor Denis Healey (who said he would “tax the rich until they squealed”) was forced to go cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund in 1976 and subject the country to IMF demands for massive public spending cuts in order to save the UK from bankruptcy.

True to this inglorious history, the Institute for Fiscal Studies now forecasts that filling the black hole of New Labour’s record debt burden will take until 2032. And the IMF is once more so alarmed by the “dramatic deterioration” in Britain’s public finances that it is warning of a possible collapse in sterling if public spending is not cut. Furthermore, the National Audit Office has refused to sign off six sets of Whitehall accounts due to the massive fraud and errors in benefits payments (over 16% of transactions). Worse still, the NAO could not approve the Treasury’s books for only the second time in 350 years due to its spending £24 billion more last year than Parliament had authorized. It is particularly concerned about the open-ended risk to taxpayers of underwriting the “bad loans” of Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland (a scheme neither scrutinised nor approved by Parliament).

Yet despite these warnings and the worst slump in government revenues since the 1920s (£32 billion last year) Mr Brown still denies the scale of the problem and Labour continues its criminally wasteful 12 year splurge. (The cost of its army of spin doctors alone leaping 43% last year to £540 million, in order to advertise and market its nanny-state campaigns to tackle smoking and climate change).

Debt, big spending and incompetence are also the DNA of British Labour’s Australian cousin, personified by Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is calling for a new era of “social capitalism” involving heavy government intervention and regulation. An insipid mini-Blair full of delusory self-regard, empty gesture politics, cringeing soundbites and cynical spin, he also flaunts the same oxymoronic “Christian Socialist” pretensions (except that he went the other way, discarding his Catholic faith to join the Anglican circus).

On cue, Mr Rudd shared Ms Merkel’s delight. After the obligatory photo-op with the Holy Father he somehow kept a straight face while recommending that “all political leaders should take seriously and examine” the encyclical. This from a man who within eighteen months of attaining office turned the zero national debt and tens of billions of dollars of government surplus he inherited from his conservative predecessors into a $315 billion debt and a $57 billion budget deficit! Breaking one major election promise after another in the process and putting his country’s triple-A credit rating under pressure.

The ferociously ambitious Rudd also likes to strut the world stage with a Blairite eye to post-office spoils, advocating an Asia-Pacific “community” [read: “Union”] while looking to raise Australia’s [read: his] profile by pushing for an Aussie seat on the UN Security Council. He does this through expensive PR gimmicks which have already cost the taxpayer nearly $50 million. This included $11.5 million to install an ambassador at the Vatican, when Australia’s Catholics were quite content with their ambassador to Ireland and the Holy See making regular trips from Dublin to Rome to attend to the minuscule duties involved.

The point is this: papal advocacy of any global mechanism is just a lucrative window of opportunity for these grasping “social marketers”: adept at marketing themselves and filling their boots at everyone else’s expense without any regard for Christian principles.

Benedict’s additional call in para. 67 for a reform of the United Nations alongside that of economic institutions and international finance will also appeal to the One World Religion initiatives promoted by Israeli Zionists, no friends of the Catholic Church.

On his visit to the Holy Land last May, the Holy Father endured addresses by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (“one of the most corrupt religious establishments in Western democracies,” claims American Rabbi Irwin Kula). During these talks, Chief Rabbi Metzger falsely declared that the Church has “decided to stop all missionary activity among Jews.” In the next breath, he asked the Pope to “set aside one day a year to speak out not only against anti-Semitism, but also in favour of the Jewish people - to be a tongue of blessing”! In addition to this perverse request, for the Church to promote Judaism instead of converting Jews, there were other impertinent demands, such as the identification of all those Jews baptized during the war and raised as Catholics! But Metzger also repeated his past calls for “a type of United Nations for religions, where representatives of all religions can sit around one table and talk.” I’ll bet, with Rabbi Metzger directing a one-way dialogue “in favour of the Jewish people,” over and against the anti-Semitic “hate crimes” of Catholic teaching and evangelization!

The Metzger proposal is effectively the “alternative Holy See” sought by the UN abortion-population control lobby and reported in the October 2000 edition of Inside the Vatican [ITV]. A fierce opponent of the Vatican’s permanent observer status at the UN, the goal of this nefarious lobby “seems to be to construct another voice with moral and religious credibility to act as a foil to the Holy See, effectively cancelling it out by voting ‘correctly’ on ‘new world order’ agendas.” Speaking to ITV about the Millennium Peace Summit held at UN headquarters between 23-31 August 2000, which hosted 1,000 of the world’s religious leaders, Austin Ruse of C-Fam explained that “The stated purpose of this summit is to set up an advisory council of religious and spiritual leaders to advise the UN. The real purpose is to set up a body to supplant the views of orthodox people, whether they be Christians, Muslims or Jews… I think they want inter-governmental status, which means they could actually negotiate UN documents.”

Echoing Metzger’s fear of Christian evangelization to the Jews, literature surrounding the Peace Summit called for the condemnation of “proselytizing” and “fundamentalism” while giving no definition of how those terms were understood by the authors. By past UN conference standards, however, ITV surmised that “those terms could include anyone who held to the basic orthodoxy of their faith’s truth claims. Anyone believing that abortion or marriage between two members of the same sex should not be condoned could fall under those categories. Moreover, a Buddhist master received a standing ovation for expressing a widely held view at the summit when he condemned all attempts at religious conversion.”

As ITV notes, the Vatican “sees more annoyance than danger at these strange UN conferences.” Complacency masquerading as faith? Within the curia, perhaps. Benedict, though, is a student of the New World Order and a trenchant critic of the pragmatic/soulless “new man” it is shaping. So he knows better: that his conciliatory encyclical, embracing globalism, will be co-opted by our Socialist enemies to negate the God-given mission of the Catholic Church to win each and every soul for Christ. He understands. Doesn’t he?!


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