Conservatives At Taki’s Magazine In Praise of The Noble Whore

KNÜPFER, Nicolaus
Brothel Scene

The following pieces of work defending whoredom is now standard fair at Taki’s Magazine. The defense is this: the present environment is completely morally corrupt, the world lacks any moral authority or guidance so why not adapt and go along with the nonsense. Using the “game” as example or guidance for how a man under 30 should adapt to his perverted environment. These conservative types at Taki's have a short history of defending the fornicating exploits of the 70 year old Silvio Berlusconi. So it is expected that these same men would defend the younger generation of whores. Hey it's conservatism with a realistic look at things. Kevin DeAnna tells us: "It is one thing to fight in defense of certain institutions and moral codes having lived underneath them—it is another thing to rebuild them entirely once they have been completely destroyed and you have no firsthand knowledge of how they operate. I don’t think such an effort can win. I would love to be proven wrong…. and further DeAnna writes....The vague temperament that is emerging at Takimag and certain schools in Europe which Richard calls the Alternative Right values tradition but cannot appeal to it for legitimacy. The legitimacy was stripped long ago by the attack from the left and by the corruption and cowardice of traditional sources of authority. Therefore, almost out of necessity, the Alternative Right gets inspiration from new sources. One is leftist writers whose writings on power, deconstruction, and cultural hegemony can easily be turned against the left wing establishment that rules “our” civilization. Another is right wing writers who come from outside establishment conservative traditions in both Europe and America and who could serve as the beginnings of a new tradition"

"Alternative Right gets inspiration from new sources.....That could serve as the beginnings of a new tradition”?Kevin DeAnna

Inspiration that is devoid of all moral foundation? What? Do these fornicating conservative idiots know better than the good men that went before who obeyed the moral authority of the Church and builted up society? The modern democratic world has created it's own bad laws to replace the good laws based on the Justinian Codex and enforced by the Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Now these modern men engage in bad customs to complete the ugly picture of bad laws and bad customs, thinking somehow that bad customs will save them from bad laws. Moral Integrity is no longer needed in this new conservative movement promoted by Taki’s men. Well, this is your hour and power of darkness as our Lord had said. Our Lord also assured that when the ways of man shall please the Lord, he will convert even his enemies to peace. Now the spirit of fornication does not please the Lord so what good does the alternative right accomplish if unable to convert its enemies? None. The alternative right or whatever name you give it is a useless political movement. Leave these fornicating fools to follow their own wicked desires, it will come to naught. Any political movement based on modern day immorality -- ignoring moral codes as defined by Roman Catholic Church is bound to fail. These men will accomplish nothing. Lesson not learned.

Stalking Gameby Kevin DeAnna on October 22, 2009

Stalking Gameby Evan McLaren on October 22, 2009

Stalking Gameby Evan McLaren on October 22, 2009


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