The Nine Qualities Required In A Most Perfect King

His brightness shall be as the light;horns are in his hands: There is his strength hid The Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor flows from these Five Holy Wounds.

The nine qualities of a most perfect king are attributed unto Jesus Christ by the Prophets. Cooperating with Divine grace the Holy Roman Emperor will do well to imitate (as much as allowed) The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity in these nine qualities found in this most perfect King.

His Infinite Wisdom whereby he knoweth our necessities and miseries.

His Omnipotence to remedy them.

His Mercy in being compassionate of them.

His Bounty and Charity in desiring to redress them.

His Providence in being careful for our good.

His Meekness and Affability in entreating us as brethren

His Liberality and Magnificence in sharing among us his riches and giving all that he hath, even unto his very body, and blood.

His Justice and Prudence in Government, directing us with great integrity and uprightness.

His Eternity, with perpetual constancy in his celestial empire, which shall never have and end.


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