Who’s got it figured out? The Distributists?

Distributists meeting of minds

The Distibutist political movement is very small but has many Roman Catholics adherents in America and in Europe. One can say that it is a Catholic movement. Always having to defend themselves from their opponents by defining their movement as the “third way” the distrubitists claim they are not:

And so on……

Here are a couple of articles defending Distributism

Distributism vs. Capitalism
Distributism vs Socialism
Distributism vs Fascism

Problem with the above articles is the fact of their very existence. Why the need to constantly defend ones position from opponents unless there really was some truth to the accusations that Distributism contains elements found in Capitalism, Communism, Socialism & Fascism? If ones Catholic faith contained elements of various heresies it would no longer be the True Faith, but error. Same should apply in the area of economics/politics if it can be show that Distributism contains elements found in Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, & Fascism then Distributism is really no different than the other economic systems that it claims it is not part of. Distributism like the other economic/political forms are a modern man made invention taking some elements found in the other theories. It is nothing new and different nor is it any better than Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, & Fascism. All of the above modern man-made systems were created by men without the guidance of the Blessed Trinity. These systems are created by men so as to ignore the Divine Will in managing the world economy as it should be run and guided by the Divine laws of the Justinian Codex. Distributism like the above modern day theories war against the Kingship of Christ, none of the above will further the restoration of all things in Christ. They are all cut from the same cloth and have to use the same means too keep power or to gain power -all of the above theories do this with the ballot box. Take away the ballot box and all of the above modern day theories will collapse. They are completely dependent on the existence of the ballot box. This is simple proof that the above theories derive their being from men and not the Blessed Trinity. Finally Distributism is a theory made up by a bunch of Englishmen a very long time ago and was never put into practice by any nation state. It is a theory. That’s all. Who’s got it figured out? Not the Distributists.


  1. In what sense is an acceptance of the "Kingship of Christ" incompatible with the ballot? As far as I can tell, beyond stipulating that one should follow the laws set by God, he didn't make any especial endorsement of a system of government. Infact, the Rome that opressed Christianity was Imperial Rome, and was it not the more centralized seats of power (eg: The Pharisees) who condemned Jesus?

  2. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity was born and died under Roman Imperial Rule. What more of an endorsement can there be? As for the ballot box incompatiblity with the Kingship of Christ... look around you.. look at the bad laws that are on the books that were put in place my modern democracy. What more evidence do you want that shows that the ballot box is contrary to the Kingship of Christ? Remember that the Justinian codex had good laws already on the books until modern democracy came about. It has taken 200 years for modern democracy to destroy the good Catholic laws of the Roman Emperor.


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