Watch Ye, And Pray That You Enter Not Into Temptation. The Spirit Indeed Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak

Agony in the Garden (detail)
c. 1510
Watch ye, and pray that you enter not into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak Mk.xxiv.
Consider first the sharp reprehension of the disciples after the admonition of Peter: for thou shalt not therefore be excused, because thou dost offend in imitation of the Superior.

Consider secondly that thou must watch & pray, for except thou dost work with God, and God with thee, thou shalt do nothing.

Consider thirdly what that spirit is which is said to be ready, and  how the flesh is weak; First the spirit, that is the will of a good man is ready, and doth often apprehend very notable things. Secondly, the holy Spirit is prompt and ready, but men being allured by the pleasures of he flesh do not always follow and obey it. Thirdly, the evil spirit is always busy and ready to hurt; but we are weak to make resistance.

These things may worthily move thee to watch and pray, for it is a matter of great moment not to be dejected in time of adversity.

Pray unto Christ to give thee not only a ready and willing desire; but also power to effect, and to grant unto the whatsoever he commandeth, and command what he will.

Fr. Francis Costerus S.J. 1616


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