And His Sweat Became As Drops Of Blood, Trickling Down Upon The Ground

LIGOZZI, Jacopo 
Agony in the Garden 
c. 1587
And his sweat became as drops of blood, trickling down upon the ground. Lk.xxii.
Consider first by the quality and quantity of his sweat the grief, of thy Spouse without which neither the blood could issue with the sweat, nor yet so great plenty, as should fall down to the ground.

Consider secondly that our Lord both began, & ended his passion with a prodigious effusion of blood & water: That thou shouldest know, that the divine nature did bring this chiefly unto Christ, at that time, that he might the longer be able to suffer those most bitter torments, which human nature all alone could never have endured.

Consider thirdly that blood issued issued out of every part, both because every member of the Church, of which number thou art one should lament the death of Christ; also because every Christian might gather on drop of his blood, to wash away their sins, and also that thou mayest know, how liberally he offereth his blood for thee, by as many fountains, as he hath members.

Consider fourthly how much this great effusion of blood and water did weaken the most tender body of Christ.

Consider fifthly that it ran down upon the earth, to take away the sins of men, which are addicted too much to the pleasures of the world.

Consider sixtly that the drops ran down upon the ground, that thou mayest understand, that thou must make hast, if thou wilt be partaker of this precious blood, which no sooner issueth forth, but that in runneth away most swiftly.

Therefore except in this life thou doest gather, and lay up some of this blood, it will all run away after thy death, so as none will be left for thee.

Fr. Francis Costerus S.J. 1616


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