MEDITATION ON THE PASSION OF OUR LORD: And Judas Also, Who Betrayed Him, Knew The Place; Because Jesus Had Often Resorted Thither Together With His Disciples

BOCCATI, Giovanni di Piermatteo 
The Arrest of Christ 
c. 1447
And Judas also, who betrayed him, knew the place; because Jesus had often resorted thither together with his disciples.Jn.xviii.
Consider first that Judas had no need to be warned to watch; for it happeneth commonly, that when mischief is to be doe, wicked men never sleep.

Consider secondly (behold Judas one of the twelve) It is strange thing, that he who had received so great a benefit at Christ his hand, could ever come to that malice, and ingratitude, that he would betray his Lord & benefactor. Thous mayest learn hereby not to trust in gifts freely bestowed upon thee, but how much the more God hath bestowed upon thee, so much the more to fear, because God in the hour of death will weigh all his gifts, as the Scripture here with great emphasis saith.(Behold Judas one of the twelve)

Consider thirdly that an evil man fearth not to abuse good things as Judas came to the place of the prayer of Christ to betray him: how much better had it been for him to have left his treason, & to have joined himself with Christ & his Apostles in prayer.

Consider fourthly that the knowledge of many, yea of divine things, shall not help a wicked man, but rather shall condemn him, even as it did not help Judas to have known Christ, and the time & place of the prayer of Christ &c. In this place if thou doest consider thine own ingratitude, who having received many good benefits, doest restore nothing but wickedness, thou wilt admire & detest thy self, & thou wilt pray unto Christ not to suffer thee to perish with wicked Judas.

Fr. Francis Costerus S.J. 1616


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