RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel
The Last Judgement
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the waves; Men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved Lk 21:25-26

Further, Jerome [*St. Peter Damian, Opuscul. xlix; he quotes St. Jerome, but the reference is not known.] mentions fifteen signs preceding the judgment. He says that:

On the first day all the seas will rise fifteen cubits above the mountains.

On the second day all the waters will be plunged into the depths, so that scarcely will they be visible.

On the third day they will be restored to their previous condition.

On the fourth day all the great fishes and other things that move in the waters will gather together and, raising their heads above the sea, roar at one another contentiously.

On the fifth day, all the birds of the air will gather together in the fields, wailing to one another, with neither bite nor sup.

On the sixth day rivers of fire will arise towards the firmament rushing together from the est to the east.

On the seventh day all the stars, both planets and fixed stars, will throw out fiery tails like comets.

On the eighth day there will be a great earthquake, and all animals will be laid low.

On the ninth day all the plants will be bedewed as it were with blood.

On the tenth day all stones, little and great, will be divided into four parts dashing against one another.

On the eleventh day all hills and mountains and buildings will be reduced to dust.

On the twelfth day all animals will come from forest and mountain to the fields, roaring and tasting of nothing.

On the thirteenth day all graves from east to west will open to allow the bodies to rise again.

On the fourteenth day all men will leave their abode, neither understanding nor speaking, but rushing hither and thither like madmen.

On the fifteenth day all will die and will rise again with those who died long before.


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