Good Bye Little House On The Prairie..

Danger... danger......

OK new trend, a dangerous trend, a trend that will ultimately lead to the death of the Fatima Pope!

What is that trend? Woman attending the Latin Mass dressing like Muslim Woman. Back in the day some complained that the Latin Mass attending women dressed like girls on the Little House On The Prairie....and to counter that observation some woman are looking to Islam for fashion ideas.

Crazy as it sounds this is what is taking place.

For those that don't know there are men who attend the Latin Mass who are very much influenced by Islam, and count Muslims as friends. John Sharpe is one of them - to be fair I don't think Mr. Sharpe is in the public eye any more. IHS Press see here>>>>>>>

But here is what the majority of these men hold near and dear:

1. Distributism
2. Latin Mass
3. Democracy
4. Nationalism

These same men hate:

1. Universal Political Authority 
2. New World Order

Now these same men had a difficult time in separating man-made political authority from divinely ordained political authority. Actually these men total ignore that any political authority is directly from God bestowed to one man, and therefore all political authority comes directly from God only to pass to the mass of people. According to these men - people possess the God given right to pick and choose their leaders. Now its not to say that these man don't pay lip service to Monarchy - for they do - especially when that Monarch is a Nationalist.

There is man-made political authority and there is Divinely Ordained Authority,

There is only one Divinely Ordained Authority and that is the Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor, There is no other.  Please read Ockham and Dante for further insights into the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

Did you know that the Italian Northern League (LEGA NORD) is at war with the Roman Emperor? Silly I know, but the  Italian Northern League is Nationalist/Distributist/Pro-democracy and it was created in opposition to the restoration of Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. The Logo for the Northern League is this guy:

Who's that guy?
Alberto da Giussano was a Lombard legendary Guelph warrior during the wars of the Lombard League against Frederick Barbarossa in the 12th century. A tradition, probably fabricated by 14th century Milanese chroniclers, attributes him the deed of forming the "Company of Death" that defended the Carroccio of the League at the Battle of Legnano. The first historical citation of his name is in 1196. He is thought to have been a notaro and a podestà. Italian political party Lega Nord makes use of his myth. The electoral emblem of the party features Alberto with an image inspired by the statue of him erected at Legnano in 1900. Also the infantry brigade Legnano of the Italian Army used the image of this statue as symbol. Wiki 
Really? your logo is a fictitious guy who went to war with Frederick Barbarossa? Oh the Roman Emperor is a real perceived threat in this day and age of modern democracy.

Unless of course the Lega Nord has reason to believe that the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor is near at hand, and consider that Satan knows that what hinders the manifestation of the ANTICHRIST is the visible authority of the Roman Emperor - SATAN himself wanted ground troops in place to make war against any perceived rise of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. And the Lega Nord is one of SATAN'S front line troops in this coming war.

Ok so what does that have to do with the way Latin Mass Attending Women Dress?

Well here is what Gloria TV has to say about the influence Islam has on women who desire to be modest of course abusing the Memory of the Blessed Mother - making the bizarre claim that the Mother of God was following the dress code created by the false and lying prophet Muhammad:

Now its ridiculous to believe that the Mother of God is following the example of the Muslim women. So to use the Mother of God as reason why Catholic women should dress like Muslims is an insult.

But apparently many Catholics draw the same conclusion that Catholic women in order to appear modest must dress like Muslim women. 

Where do Catholics get this from?

Well from the same place where they get the idea of Distributism and Nationalism. ISLAM!

Did you know that the desired city of Distributism is nothing more than a Muslim Caliphate? That the same economic system that Distributist desire is the same as practiced by Muslim? That the first nationalists to war against the Roman Emperor was the false and lying Prophet Muhammad? That Islam was created as a political system to wage war on the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor - Islam is the example that many Catholic Nationalist use to also wage war on Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor.

Many Distributist will take the side of Muslims in ecomonics, politics and attire and this is why you will see women folk at the Latin Mass dressing like Muslim women.

The men folk imitate the Muslims in politics and economics and the women folk will imitate the Muslims in dress.


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