MUSLIMS Rape & Riot At Elephant Club On New Year's Eve Bielefeld, Germany

Hundreds of Muslims went on a rampage after being barred from a nightclub in  Bielefeld, Germany. Witnesses say that a group of Muslims were fondling and groping at German Women when the patrons of the bar forced the Muslims out.
Hunderte sollen Bielefelder Disco attackiert haben Die Welt Read More>>>>>
And get this back in November the Brucklyn club was labeled as Nazi Pigs for banning Muslims because the Muslims were attacking the female patrons!
'Nazi pigs': German nightclub branded racist after banning refugees 
A nightclub in Germany has come under fire from human rights groups after imposing a ban on refugees in order to "protect women" customers who they claim were called "whores" by predatory migrant men. 
The club in Bad Tolz - site of an elite S.S. officer school during the Third Reich - banned a refugee group last Friday despite the fact that the young men in question were not misbehaving. 
The Brucklyn club issued orders to bouncers not to let any migrants in last Friday to ensure the "well being" of female guests. 
The owners were immediately trashed on a Facebook posting afterwards as "Nazi Pigs."
Club managing director Thomas Dreil, 35, repeatedly emphasised he was not discriminating against refugees when approached by a Munich newspaper about the incident. Express Read More>>>>>


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