MEDITATION: Of The Parable Of The Sower THE I POINT ~ Luis De La Puente

FETTI, Domenico 
Parable of the Sower 
c. 1619

Of the parable of the Sower THE I POINT

1. Behold the sower went forth to sow. This parable our redeemer himself did vouchsafe to replicate, which therefore, ought to be pondered, according to his explication. 1. What seed this is, which he soweth. 2. In what ground. 3. For what cause. 4. How he soweth the same. The seed, is the word of God, as well the outward which entereth by the ears of the body, as the inward, which resoundeth within the soul, which is the divine inspiration, from whence principally doth spring those fruits which our heart produceth, for that giveth a feeling of that which is heard, and is as the seminal virtue, which is within the grain that is sown.

2.The principal sower is almighty Go (three & one) who sometimes soweth the seed of his inspiration by the means of his preachers in such as hear them; or by means of good books, in such as read them; or by the means of good examples or devote pictures, in such as behold them: sometimes by himself alone, he calleth the seed of his inspiration on a sudden into our heart.

3. The ground, whereon this seed is sown, is the soul, with her powers & faculties; in the memory are sown, holy cogitations & devote imaginations, such as are the remembrance of our sins, the pains of hell, the rewards of heaven, the shortness of our life, our death, judgment, the presence of God, and of his benefits. In the understanding is sown celestial illustrations, which suddenly discover the secrets, which are inclothed in the mysteries of our faith, and are as the seed of meditation, and contemplation. He also south therein good counsels, inspiring it with that counsel which it is to take for itself, or to give unto others, sowing likewise, the dictates of conscience which exhort unto virtue, and reprehended vice. In the will are sown, holy desires and affections, which do flash forth like sparkles, and produce the fire of God, of hell, of death, sorrow for sins, love of God, desires to see him, and to serve him sincerely

4. The cause wherefore he soweth this seed in the soul., is, not his own commodity which other sowers seek, but the profit and utility of the same soul: for as much as this seed, hath a most especial virtue to alter and amend the ground whereon it is sown, though of itself it be evil, barren , dry, and unprofitable, And for this end it is, that almighty God doth sow it, not for the worthiness of the earth, but for his only bounty, and mercy, because he is good, and liberal, and greatly delighted to sow his gifts in us, to amend us, with them;Hence it is, that he ofttimes south his seed in all places, times and occasions, especially when it most importeth us for our salvation; For which cause Christ our Lord said, The sower went forth to sow: giving to understand, that it is his office to sow, and that he evermore fulfilleth his office, in one sort or other.

5. From all these considerations, and from every one of them, I am to draw affects of praise and gratitude, to this divine sower, as also a great esteem of his seed, and very fervent desires, that he sow it within my soul, demanding the same from my very heart, by Colloquies made to all the three divine persons.

O celestial Father, who hath sent into the world, the eternal word, thy word engendered within thyself, to the end he might be the seed of all seeds, and of all thy words. which are the seeds of our only good; I do beseech thee by this word thy Son, to sow in my memory, the abundant seed of holy thoughts, that there may spring from thence, and abundant harvest, of good works. O eternal word, who cadets forth of the bosom of thy eternal Father, and descendest from heaven, into our earth to sow the seed of holy doctrine, seed which properly is thine own, and not another, nor begged else where, come (o Lord) to sow in mind understanding, abundant seed of divine illustrations, whereby I may know thee and know myself. and know what I am to believe and do, in such sort as that I may put the same in practice. O most sacred Spirit, who inspires where thou wilt, and wilt inspire where there is need of thine inspiration: touch therewith my will, over sow it with the seed of holy affections, and cast into the sparkles of fervent desires, wherewith may be enkindled within my heart, a vehement fire of divine love that with thy seed, may bud forth abundant fruits of spirit which proceed from this love. O blessed Trinity, I give thee thanks for the liberality, wherewith thou sowest thy seed in a ground so vile, and so contemptible. O divine seed, who can esteem thee as thou deservest! O that I were full of thy holy virtue! O my soul, unprofitable ground, how desirest thou not this celestial seed? Sigh for it, demand it, solicit it, and thou shalt not be denied it.


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