MEDITATION ON THE PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: He Moved The People, Teaching Through All Jewery, Beginning From Galilee Even Hither~ Father Francis Coster, S.J

MAZZOLINO, Ludovico 
Christ before Pilate 
c. 1525
But they were more earnest, saying: He moved the people, teaching through all Jewery, beginning from Galilee even hither:
Consider first: the clamors of the Jews, who having no hop to effect any thing by truth raised up troubles, tumults, and clamors, like those which defend an ill cause wherein they imitate the Devil, who when he can do nothing by his own suggestions, then he stirreth up friends, parents, and companions; he moveth the inward concupiscence; he hindereth and darkneth the understanding. Do thou nothing impatiently. imitating our Lord, who was not provoked nor moved by any injuries, except to love the more dearly.

Consider 2. that Christ was here reputed captain of the seditious: Thou knowest (say they) O Pilate, the Galileans to be factious people, whose blood thou didst lately mingle with their sacrifice: behold he is the head and Ring-leader of all mischief, born to raise seditions among the people. Verily O Lord, thou doest move the people, but not to sedition, treason, robberies,and man-slaughters, which is the property of Heretics, which stir up such motions in their Sermons; but to the change of their life and manners, that forsaking their pleasures and sins; they may all give themselves to the exercise of virtue. Thou fillest the Monasteries with religious people; the Deserts with Anchorites, the Prisons with Confessors and the gallows with Martyrs. Through thy motions Virgins cast away their brave attire. Rich man choose poverty, Noble men submit themselves to the wills of others, and young men by a vow of religion offer themselves as a Holocaust unto thee.

Consider thirdly whom he is said to teach, to wit, the Galileans, that is Passengers; and Jews, that is, Confessors, and praisers of God. But he began from Galilee: For the beginning of Christian doctrine is, to pass from sinn; the middle is, to confess our daily defects, with sorrow of heart, and purpose of amendment, and to praise God in true obedience; and the end is, to behold the face of God in Jerusalem in the vision of peace. Pray our Lord to bring thee to the perfection of this wisdom


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