MEDITATION ON THE PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CRUCIFIED: And Herod And Pilate Were Made Friends In That Day ~ Fr. Francois Coster S.J.

DÜRER, Albrecht 
Small Passion: 16. Christ before Herod 
 And Herod and Pilate were made friends in that day: for they were enemies before, one to another.
Consider first a double mystery. 1. That wicked men agree together against Christ and his followers: Heretics oppugning the Church; and the Devils vexing the just man. The other, that the death of Christ made peace between the Jews and the Gentiles; and so that the first and principal Office of the passion of our Lord was to bring and maintain Peace. Therefore presently after his Resurrection, in his first & second meeting, he said to his Disciples, Peace be unto you. He would, that we should have peace with God, to whom he paid the price of our sins; with our own conscience, which he delivered from sin, and filled with inward grace; and with our neighbors, whom he commandeth us to love, having infused his divine love into our hearts. As Often therefore as thou feelest inward war within thyself; as often as thou sees that thou hast lost peace with God; as often as thou shalt perceive thy neighbor angry at thee, or dost experience his hated against thee; Presently turn thy self to the Cross of Christ, as to him, which is thy only true Mediator, and will restore thee unto peace with all men.

Consider secondly, (In that day) that is, the very same day: That thou mayest learn how easy it is for our Lord to make peace, and to pacify minds, that are most incensed, and to help thee in thy greatest afflictions, although there be no human means. Pray therefore unto God, that he will bring tranquility unto the Christian commonwealth, cease the trouble of war, and give a constant Peace unto his Church.


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