Sodomite Juan Carlos Cruz Inciting VIOLENCE Against The Pope?

That Sodomite looks pissed......

"I'm not a vengeful person. I tend to forgive everybody. But the pain is so big that he continues to allow to be inflicted on survivors."

Hey! if Sodomite Juan Carlos Cruz starts off with "I'm not a vengeful person" you know he is a vengeful person.

How far will this go?

If the Sodomite Juan Carlos Cruz appears on Gary's or Stevie's blog you know there's something sinister afoot.....

Question for Sodomite Juan Carlos Cruz:

Is Sodomy a sin?

Are you a practicing Catholic?

Who decorated your living room.....

See news accounts

Pope Francis reportedly received letter from Chilean sex abuse victim, despite denial

Juan Barros case: Chile sex abuse letter contradicts Pope over 'cover-up'

AP Exclusive: 2015 letter belies pope's claim of ignorance


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